Twin Six’s Standard Rando is Now Available in Blue Jun 16, 2017

Twin Six takes a good thing and makes it better, for those who prefer their bicycles blue anyway. The Standard Rando is available as a frameset or a complete, with builds starting at just $1,900. I know some of you have these bikes and have sung praises in the past, so share some of your thoughts in the comments.

  • John Glodek

    I love my Standard Rando. I built up a green one as a SS with help from the guys at T6HQ in 2015. It is everything I need in a bike. It handles the beatings from a daily commute, gravel, and singletrack. Above all it is a fun bike to ride. I would totally build up a second one geared if I had the funds. Have a good one!

  • Spencer Olinek

    Here for the comments. I can’t stop thinking about buying one of these. My biggest debate would be flat bars or drops…

  • Jose Navarro

    A friend couldn’t be more positive about his experiences riding his T6 Rando. In December I was in contact with T6 about color ways when I was told there was a spring color way in the works and if current offerings didn’t fit my fancy, to wait until May 2017. Well, I couldn’t wait and purchased a frame set in black (which I’m happy about because I already have a Bluebird Bullitt) and built it up as a flat bar, 1×11 speed shit-kicker of a bike. The handling is very neutral due to the sweepback of the bars but I figure somewhere down the road I may put drop bars. SP front hub and Hope Pro 4 rear. 650b wheels are definitely the way to go with this bike; the Sim Works Homage tires feel fast on pavement and gravel alike. It’s my last build for a long time but has quickly become my favorite.

    • Love this build. Those tires are perfect.

    • Chris Valente

      I have been eyeing one of these for a while and this is pretty much the exact setup i am envisioning. I am not in the position to replace my current commuter/kid hauker but this blue is making me want to do it anyway!

    • Johnny Burrell

      Great looking bike Jose, i really like the matching green tires and cable housing. One little tip you may consider, you can use the nuts that come on new inner tubes as spacers between the seat-stay bridge and your rear fender. That’ll allow the fender to keep a more natural fit around the wheel. Cheers

  • jon robert

    I absolutely love mine. WTB Horizons (unfortunately the Byways came out a couple weeks after and they’re exactly what i would have wanted) on Blunt SS hoops, shutter precision front hub and White Industries XMR rear, 1×11 with an 11-42 cassette and a 38t absolute black chainring. it’s my do-literally-everything bike. the only thing i can think that i need to change is the saddle since it’s kind of ugly and maaaaybe go with a 40t front chainring.

  • DaymanDaryl

    The new color is nice but I’d like them to ditch the Surly-grade cro-mo for something svelter. That wood mayk the Rando moniker a bit more apt.

  • Peter Hedman

    I’ve got one and really enjoy it…

    Sure, the frame is a little heavier than some, but the geometry is solid and the little touches that Brent and Ryan put into the design bring it up quite a few notches. Fitting plush 700×43 tires with room to spare is lovely.

    Spec out a decent build and you will have a gravel ripper at a good weight and a good price. It’s never held me back.