The Pinner: a Made in the UK Full Suspension Steel Shred Sled May 19, 2017

… and if you wanna see more, check out BTR Fabrications.

  • Dylan Buffington

    This is a full 99 out of 10 on the shreddery scale

  • Draw Imagine

    Must weigh a ton but who cares! Some propper badass riding right there.
    Normally I’m no huge fan of the punk music but this was spot on sredding music and fitted the clip like a glove.

    • Jared Jerome

      Says 4.65kg for a large. I don’t know enough about mountain bikes to know if that’s light or not, but it does looking fucking awesome.

    • Technically, that’s thrash, not punk but I getcha. haha!

    • dthio

      4.58kg (Size L including rear axle, mech hanger, shock & spring, internal cable routing and integrated seat clamp)

  • Tim Guarente

    My toddler and I were impressed! In his words, “Bike! Bike, Bike!! BIIKE!” (repeat for 4 minutes)

  • KevinSF

    Now that’s how you sell a bike frame. Some epic riding there!

  • happycatbasket

    Very shreddy.

    I’m totally spacing on the name right now, but these frames look incredibly similar to some other custom/hand-made steel DH frames from Northern California in the mid-00’s. I’m pretty sure those were single pivot without any special linkage, but the main triangle looked pretty similar. Then again, it’s probably similar for a reason – that arrangement of tubes just makes sense.

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