A Classic Speedvagen with Silver Components May 16, 2017

Photos by Bob Huff

Modern steel frames with classic-inspired, silver components are hard to compete with. The latest from the Vanilla Workshop proves just that. This Slate-colored Speedvagen, with Ghost Graphics sports Campagnolo’s Potenza 11-speed groupset, Sim Works bars, Industry 9 wheels and Paul Components quick releases. The build is more suited for longer rides with bigger tires and light wheels. Is this something Speedvagen will offer in the future? Details are foggy at the moment, but for now, let’s check out more crystal clear photos below.

  • Thomas Alexander Peralta

    I’ve considered the four-arm Campagnolo crank an aesthetic disappointment since its introduction. Seeing it in polished alloy has somehow redeemed it completely. It regains the Italian credibility that the carbon versions lacked.

    • Thomas Alexander Peralta

      …Hang on a minute. That’s a WHITE-shelled Fabric ALM. News to me. It’s amazing how little touches like that reinforce the robust modernity of such a classic build.

      • bicyclecrumbs

        Yeah! Honestly, I picked that saddle for one reason (besides the fact they fit me perfectly). The all white makes it seem as one form, that mimics Selle Italia Turbos and other similar saddles form the 80s, where the cover wraps almost all the way down the side, hiding the rails. Those are my favorite era of bikes and largely what inspired this build. Its things like this that I dork out over.

    • Raoul Morley

      No way, this would have been so much nicer with an old school record crankset with the hidden chain ring bolt…
      It’s getting really tough to find really nice bits to put a build together with that aren’t Matt Black or some other weird finish, the world needs more polished aluminium it’s just great.
      The Potenza front mech with that non polished alloy makes me feel meh.
      Love the bike just really underwhelmed by the Potenza group…

      • Jason Marshall

        IMO Rene Herse cranks are by far the best looking ‘classic’ cranks in production.

    • Chris W

      I believe Campy has a *polished* silver Centaur group on its way – would suit this build much better if it comes out as I’m picturing it. Although rumour has it it will still have the annoying black bits on the RD and shifters.

  • Chris Valente

    I’m not drawn to silver parts pretty much ever, but that is a gorgeous machine.

  • kasual

    Very nice. Something about the sound of those i9s I don’t associate with the aesthetic of this build, but the performance will be great.

  • I saw this on cycleexif yesterday, and my jaw hit the floor. To say this bike is stunningly beautiful doesn’t even come close. I know we all love a dirty, we’ll ridden and loved bike here, but my heart breaks at the thought of dirt mud, road grime or god forbid a scratch, on this beauty. That blue is just amazing. It has a calming effect, and paired with the white accents, it just works. But what this bike truly shows, is that polished components are classic, never go out of style and that even modern design looks better polished than a bunch of black and anodising. Big props on the clément stradas. We’re seeing these everywhere now, and having a set on on of my rides, I know whey they are loved. What this bike really gets right though, is the balance. The visual balance is SPOT ON. A lot of modern frames often don’t flow right to me. Size imbalance between frame, fork, stem etc, is often really common today even on custom builds. But look at this frame, it’s visual balance is perfect. And that stem! That may be the very first threadless stem that wasn’t a Winter Bicycles product that I really love.

  • Ceol Mor

    I like this build very much. As a minimalist, this simply suits my eye. Well done.

  • Mark Hespenheide

    Well, that’s just a crankset away from awesome.

    • trololo

      crank looks gr8, m8

    • NickV

      I’m slowly coming around to the 4 bolt cranks – begrudgingly.
      It’s the black plastic shift levers and black bits on the derailleurs I can’t handle – c’mon Campy, if you’re gonna make a classic groupset it’s gotta all be shiny silver!

      • Mark Hespenheide

        I’m coming to tolerate the Shimano 4-arm, but still not the others. Give me a White Industries VBC, Campy 5-arm polished, or 7700 cranks if you’re talking aesthetics.

  • Nick

    Please speedvagen, please make a disc OG. Or would that be the Newschooler then? Whatever, I will send you my money. That bike is a beaut, and I know it looks better for not having discs but I can’t go back.

  • James Hsu

    Fantastic. But I wonder what makes this a SV OG at this point, as it very much seems to resemble a fully custom spec SV.

    • bicyclecrumbs

      In short its not an OG1, they only come in Citron or Matte Army Green with Ultegra or Ultra Di2 (though framesets are now an option in those colors). Theres a longer story it will come out soon!

      • James Hsu

        Right on; looking forward to it!
        Edit: And I see the headline has been adjusted now.

  • Patrick Murphy

    I’m gonna go ahead and guess this will make the top 10 this year. Stunning color and stunning spec on an already stunning frameset. I think my favorite detail though are those tiny pops of orange at the skewer nuts – a bit of Paul flair to spite the cleanliness of the rest of the build.

  • Eric Hancock

    This is perfect.

    If they were selling it, I don’t think I’d be able to resist.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Looks like the new Raleigh in a different color and more expensive groupset. Where is the special?

  • No offense meant at all to Speedvagen, but their bikes are really not my style or aesthetic.

    Except THIS BIKE! This thing is so gorgeous. Wow.

  • Wil

    I don’t like the seat stays, I don’t like I9 wheels after bad experiences with them and the bars aren’t my thing.

    THAT however, is the nicest bike I’ve seen in ages. I want that more than I can put into words..exactly as it is…

  • Andy Moore

    Gorgeousness and gorgeousity!!!

  • TannerJames

    Dear Shimano, please put together a throwback DA group that is all Silver. I will buy three!

  • triteacher Ⓥ

    Plain beautiful for sure! Especially love the way the SV and Ritchey logos appear to be UNDER the paint – see top tube and stem / pic4… Awesome!

  • Riemanello

    Remove the panto on the crankset please, nice bike!

  • George T Rosselle

    The color combination is great, and the silver components look good. I wish silver would make a comeback. As far as putting bigger tires on it, I don’t think so, there is minimal clearance which is unfortunate. I would prefer a fork with curved blades too. But I am old school.

  • stric

    This is a nice combo. It’s that these four-arm spiders simply don’t look good, especially the ones by Campy. And I am saying this as a Campy fan. Classic five-arm spider in silver is what this bike needs.

  • Richard

    Beautiful, yes.

    (But how come nobody’s groused about the black hoods? What about white? Or gum?)

    • Yea white hoods would look good and you could easily buy aftermarket ones. Buuuuut, I don’t think it detracts too much.

    • bicyclecrumbs

      Gum isn’t available in the quality I want. I looked into it.

  • i wonder whose bike this is?!

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