Tramontana Apr 20, 2017

What is “Tramontana?”

“…is a journey through human ancestral fears and primordial virtues of the fire, the natural element that, since the dawn of time, allowed it to defeat the dark, the cold, the isolation and the wild beasts. A tribute to the human wild side that gets lost in the origins of our story.”

  • Very cool video. Surprisingly narrow fatbike tires for a trip like that (4.0’s?)


      Hi Max, thanks for your compliments about the video. We used the new Vittoria Cannoli 4.8″. In some footage they seem narrow tires, but they are really fat ones! Ciao from Italy. Francesco

      • Huh! My perspective must be off. Loved the vid, especially the sound editing.

      • CW Powers

        The video is fantastic and I was especially pleased with the music cue around the campfire, ‘Meeting By The River’ is a masterpiece. I asked Ry and he confirmed the legend is true, Cooder & Bhatt met only minutes before recording the album live in an afternoon.

  • George

    Earth! So appropriate, amazing video.


      Thanks George!

  • Mark Reimer

    Whaaaaat. This is just incredible.


      Thanks Mark!