Timeless Fun Apr 4, 2017

Photos by Tim Thulin

Jeff from Bike Jerks shared photos from a photographer who took part of a the Grey Rabbit / Pearl Pass MTB Tour in 1981. Tim captured the energy that is still present on rides like this, even today and a lot of these photos are timeless. See the full story at Bike Jerks.

  • breed007

    Really grabs you with the opener: “That was a trip that I was invited on by Charlie Kelly, and Gary Fisher. I had just taken delivery of Ritchey #25…”

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  • Hey, that drivetrain is on the wrong side!

  • The trip was such a “success” that the next year Gary and I rented a plane and a friend with a pilot’s license flew us out to CB. Because we left Aspen on the plane, we were not on the CB town bus that rolled down the hill on the return trip from Aspen. One thing is certain. No one who rode on that bus has forgotten the trip.