Speedvagen and Beckel Canvas: Duffle Set Apr 17, 2017

If you can’t get enough of the Speedvagen aesthetic, then don’t miss out on these duffle bags, constructed from Portland’s own Beckel Canvas, with durable materials, tough construction and the Speedvagen Ichico pattern. See more at Speedvagen.

  • Eɑrn ɯorkӏnɡ fr໐м home ſᴦoм ᒿ to Ꮾ h oռ ᏧαiΙy bаsͺƽ٫ ɑπd cσlI℮ᴄt ch℮ck ſroᴍ $ǀ୦0O-$3〇0〇 every wееk܂ R℮ad more ͺnforʍɑtіon hеᴦe˃ http://ru.vu/b2J3g