David’s Ritchey Logic with Ultegra

The Ritchey Logic is one of the cleanest-looking steel road framesets on the market, ATMO. With classic lines, and standard tubing profiles, it has all the looks of a vintage road bike with the performance of modern steel, all with a carbon fork. I’ve seen many fine examples of these affordable frames built up over the years, but David‘s is one of my favorites. Built with Ultegra and Ritchey Super Logic Zeta wheels, David’s kept it lightweight and nimble, perfect for the crushing road climbs this cycling sadist enjoys on the regular.

“The top is just around this bend…”

I’ve heard it many times. David’s enthusiasm for road exploration brought all of us on the Clouds to Cactus ride last year and at the recent Team Dream shoot in the Eastern Sierra, his love for stupid hard routes had him already pining for more exploration. Without a doubt, this bike will bring David places and most importantly, back home in one piece.

  • gutenbergler

    Am I missing something? That looks like Ultegra

    • Yeah, my bad. Thanks for noting. Fixed…

  • Alex

    What seatpack is that? I see the ringtail logo but I didn’t know they made one

  • Patrick Murphy

    best headtube in the game, imo.

  • Justin

    I hope that gap in the bartape doesn’t keep anyone up at night.

    • Meshkat

      That’s how you wrap bars when function is more important and looks.

      • Karl Walters

        How does this function any better than actually using spare tape or double looping the levers like a bawwwss??

        • Meshkat

          Actually I personally like the figure eight for most set ups but this way you avoid unnecessary bulk at the clamp and it’s easier to get the bartape around things like the nubs that hold the hoods in place or campy thumb levers.

        • Riemanello

          less weight :-P

    • There’s a preconception here on this site that ALL bikes photographed are NAHBS bikes. Truth is, I would rather photograph a bike that has traveled more feet / m in elevation that I could ever dream of in a month, or even a week, than a bike that has either: never been ridden, or babied to the point of exhaustion. Fuck clean and perfect bar tape / cable routing. I’d rather see a bike that has been used (not abused) and document that. People spend too much time pouring energy over useless minutiae like slammed stems, perfect tape and what have you. Sure, the photos probably elevate a normal bike to balleur status from time to time, but that’s not the point.

      PRO bikes are retaped / recabled all too often. Regular people who just want to ride don’t give a fuck. It’s more of a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” mentality. When David’s tape gets ripped, he’ll replace it. He can’t help it if I want to take it out at the crack of dawn and photograph it. You should see the condition of my bikes. They’re all fucked up.

  • Kind of off-topic, but I found this to be one of your best-written short profiles. Nice.

  • Kevin Peter Johnson

    So nice. But, rusty cables mannnn

    • Meshkat

      That’s not rust it’s Shimano’s Polymer cables that come standard with Ultegra and Dura-Ace.

  • Francesco M Belfiore

    Front mech inline adjuster is the class touch… beautiful.

  • rjrabe

    Also, Bangor is a hunk.

  • AdamBike99

    Marco Pantani is smiling from somewhere above…
    Wonderful rig! I love a machine that says, “I earn my turns.”

  • Richard

    Not only does this frame offer a terrific ride, but it’s a great counterpoint for all the comments along the lines of “show us some bikes the other 99% of us can afford.” I am fortunate enough to have one, which I bought to carry a 600 tricolor groupset I had in the back of a drawer, and it left plenty of dough in my wallet for pastries! This frame punches way above its weight.

  • AaronBenjamin

    A steel bike, slammed, with traditional drops. The way, the truth and the life!

    • Sascha

      Two out of three ain’t bad…

  • Flavio San

    Nice bike, nice pictures, totally agree on the fact that real bikes are the used ones, not the over-detailed ones, with sweat drops on the frame, dust etc.


  • slclick

    I love mine (with Campag 11)

  • Jens Gernandt
    • AJ

      Hey Jens, does the black rim finish come off over time with those Zeta Superlogic’s? Any experiences?

      • Jens Gernandt

        hey aj, i replaced the wheels. they were not stiff, coating wears off and no brake power when wet. my mavic ksyriums are way better at nearly the same price.

        • AJ

          wow, that sounds aweful. i almost bought the frame but decided for a Cielo in the end…will look for different wheels then, thanks so much for the intel, very helpful!

          • Jens Gernandt

            i#m going for a new bike soon. steel, but custom.

          • AJ

            cool, was hast du im auge? hole diese woche mein cielo ab!

          • Jens Gernandt

            ein big forest frameworks aus potsdam mit etwas carbon, funkschaltung und scheibenbremsen…

          • AJ

            interessant. danke für den tip. und viel spass mit dem neuen rad wenn es da ist

      • Jens Gernandt

        and by the way. the clear coating of the frame cracks… known problem.

  • Brett Scheepers
  • Wolfgang Ortner

    Anybody knows if it will fit Vittoria Randonneur 28c or other 28c touring tires?

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  • AJ

    Hey, does the black rim finish come off over time with those Zeta Superlogic’s? Anyone any experiences?

    • Jens Gernandt

      yes, it comes off. and yes, it does not brake, when wet.