A Lot in A Little at the Wind Wolves Preserve

You don’t need a lot of space to have a good time on a bike, especially when the scenery is this good. Last Sunday, a group of us left the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles living, for the quiet countryside outside of Bakersfield. There lies a conservancy, a private lot of land called the Wind Wolves Preserve. Open daily to the public, but not RVs (yesssss!), you can enter this beautiful landscape for free, although a donation is requested. You can even camp there. We called ahead and made a site reservation a few days in advanced before loading up our vehicles with bikes, camping equipment, and food. It took about an hour and a half to arrive and once our plot of land was claimed, we set up our tents, caught up on each other’s life events and waited out the heat of the day.

In years prior, the Wind Wolves, like much of California was a scorched landscape. Like kindling for a fire, it was a ticking time bomb just waiting to be engulfed in flames either by man’s hand or Mother Nature. Luckily with all of our winter and spring rains, the preserve was emerald green and life was abound everywhere. Rabbits, road runners, coyotes and a lot of gopher snakes were spotted on our ride.

Speaking of which, you’re allowed to ride approximately three dirt roads in the park, all of which stem off of the San Emigdio Rd, which follows the San Emigdio Creek. Signs mark which areas are off-limits to bikes and reserved for hiking only. We climbed around 1,600′ in a few miles and explored the roads that sprung off the main road before heading back to camp for the night. All of this is closed to motor vehicles and only 90 miles from Los Angeles.

The next morning, Cari and I headed home via scenic byways, exploring dirt roads to catch views of the last bit of “Superbloom” that had engulfed the valleys.

  • Max Sundkvist

    where to find that shirt on the last pic?

    very nice pictures!

  • charlesojones

    One of California’s many classic landscapes. Love it.

  • steve

    What did you do with the green truck?

    • patrick

      Sold it to someone who really wanted it.

    • I had exactly the same question… but what about the nearness to your beloved olive drab? FYI – The new beast is quite lovely.

  • We rode up the 166 from Santa Maria to the 33 and down into Ojai and Ventura in August. Scorched then, absolutely beautiful in the spring!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    S O L I D P O S S E

  • Which camera/lens were those photos taken with? Love that soft focus!

  • Smithhammer

    People just out riding bikes for no other reason than the sheer fun of it. We need more of this.

  • Thomas Wilson

    Beautiful. What happened to the trees?

    • There just aren’t many trees in the area.

  • That tent shot has me so stoked for summer!

  • Locke Hassett

    Awesome gallery! Would love to see some of the images that come out of that Mamiya!

    • We’re both shooting as much as we can to send them to a lab in Austin to develop.

      • Joey Early

        But you could just ride your film down to Richard Photo lab instead of shipping it all the way to Texas. If you have not checked them out, look em up, one of the best labs I have ever dealt with. Plus they use a dip and dunk machine which is pretty damn amazing compared to roller processors.

        • Yeah, I used them before. Holland Photo in Austin’s processing is all-in-one developer and drum scanner. There’s never any dust or particles and the scans (6,000px wide) are A+

          • Will Ashe

            Good to know, I’ve been dabbling in film lately, and am moving to Austin in a week.

          • Geoffgc

            Do you have any medium format scan examples on other of your blog posts from Holland? I just checked their pricing and it is excellent for their TIF scans as you mentioned.

  • Eric Hancock

    Looks beautiful there. Very jealous of the amazing landscape in California.

  • Sebastian Burnell

    What happened to the drop bars and gevenalle shifters on the Elephant? Did not work out?

    • I got her a road bike, so the NFE turned into a dedicated tourer / dirt bike.

  • Mike Major

    Awesome pictures and scenery. Looks like an amazing playground the for the weekend.

  • Scott Sattler

    I thought this was Nor Cal until I read the verbage. What a difference some legit rainfall can make. Thanks for highlighting the notion of a private/public nature ‘preserve’ – this concept could solve some access problems in the future, if access becomes a problem…

  • Felipe Ruivo

    Nice ride. Can I get some info on the green bike (the one with a basket? Is it custom made, custom built? I want to build something like that to my wife, but maybe based on a 90´s MTB cromo frame, still looking for some references.

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