Those Handy Outershell Drawcord Camera Bags Are Back in Stock Mar 3, 2017

Kyle has been busy cranking out more Drawcord Handlebar bags and he’s just restocked them. Make sure you make a note for the camera insert if you’re going to use it for a camera bag.

  • Mario

    Sold out already?

  • Clayton Zimmerman

    That was short-lived

  • Daniel Amighi

    Mine came in the mail yesterday, along with a seatpost pack. Stoked for adventure time!

  • MJR77

    I received mine a couple weeks ago and haven’t really had occasion to use it yet.
    That said, it seems like when you strap down the lower anchor thru the head tube between the DT and TT, the amount of elastic they give you really presses the bag back against the brake and shifter cables (on a reg’lar old road bike.)

    Anyone else have this issue, or is it too minor to worry about?

    • I’d say it’s a minor concern.

    • It should not affect your brakes and shifting but if you want, you can tighten it around your cables instead of the head tube


    John you’re just too popular! Sorry i’m all sold out again peeps but you can still get what you want from my Etsy store with a two month wait.

  • Love my Outershell bag! Only had it for about two weeks, but already got it nice and muddy on a gravel grinder. Easy to transfer between my bikes and carries all my essentials. Haven’t tried it with the camera insert yet but I’m sure it’ll be great.

  • Chris W

    I ordered one of these and a camera strap for my on-the-bike basic DSLR setup. So stoked!