The All New Santa Cruz Chameleon Looks Awesome Mar 15, 2017

It’s olive grey with purple text, will fit 27.5+ or 29’r wheels, sports a 67.5º heat tube angle and best of all is under $2,000 for a complete. The new Santa Cruz Chameleon looks like a trail and bikepacking-friendly machine!

  • breed007

    This is EXACTLY the kind of bike I’d like to see more manufactures put out.

    • Ultra_Orange

      It is a very rich and compelling bike.

  • David Childers

    If they made this in steel…

    • somebody_aight

      The NSMB review states its quite compliant and comfortable. I didnt think i’d be open to an alu hardtail, but I might just have to try it out.

      • Big tires = less jarring in my experience with aluminum.

        • BrohBah

          Weird. I remember sharing stoke on the Salsa Timber Jack (which is what the Chameleon is emulating at with a higher price and a lesser build kit), but you were all like ‘meh’ it’s aluminum. Sometimes it seems like you hate on salsa/surly/QBP for some unknown reason. It’s alright tho.

          • rocketman

            yea and probably built in the same factory in Taiwan.

    • joshhh

      The Jamis DragonSlayer line is pretty similar to this, except in chromoly. I have one and it’s great!

      I’d say the Jamis is actually a bit better value – their NX level model is $200 cheaper than the Santa Cruz with the same fork, and their upper level model is a bit more, but includes a dropper and SLX group.

      • Damien Milazzo

        I agree. Admittedly I’m partial to Jamis, having sold them for years, but I’d take the Dragonslayer over this any day. The Chameleon looks awesome, I just think the steel Dragonslayer is awesomer looking, and having ridden it so, so much, amazing to ride.

    • It would weigh a lot more…

      • joshhh

        It *might* weigh a lot more.
        It might weigh a little more.
        It might weigh the same.
        It might weigh less.

        I’m a bit surprised that someone who owns and rides nice steel bikes is perpetuating an assumption that many misinformed people make, but that is far from universal.

  • Harry

    Kona Big Honzo seems funner.

  • Hollis Duncan

    Whoever chose those colors deserves lifetime fish tacos.

  • Sretsok

    Well don’t I feel even dumber for spending a lot more than that on my new Karate Monkey build now…

    • I dunno, man. I’m actually thinking about building both (KM and this). What do you have on your KM? :-)

      • Sretsok

        140mm Yari
        Fox Transfer Dropper
        Sram GX
        ARC 40’s with DT350’s
        XT Brakes

        It’s suuuuper fun.

        • I can imagine! I have no idea why you’re feeling any dumber with such instead of that Santa Cruz. Maybe if you’re specifically after alloy frame, but other than that..? Sounds dope.

    • Anthony M. Garcia

      Wanna trade?


    How could you say no to this?!!!