Enter to Win a Dream Bike Giveaway from ENVE Mar 14, 2017

This sounds rad!

“We have teamed up with the leading handmade bike builders of our time to create a contest that will not only decide the ENVE Builder of the Year, but also give you, the voter, a chance to win a custom built dream bike of your own. These frame builders have come from around the globe to showcase their works of art at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and at ENVE HQ for our grand opening celebration. By voting for your favorite bike from the entrants below, you will be entered into the giveaway.

All you have to do is peruse the bikes below and cast your vote.

Prize: One Custom Built Bicycle By One of the Contest Builders of Your Choice Completely ENVE’d Out and Ready to Ride

WINNER ANNOUNCED: April 30th 2017”

Head over to ENVE to enter!

  • Majaco


    • …along with 5 million others ;)

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

    That Portus B+ hardtail with the pinon gearbox wasn’t in the list, but that was my fave.

  • AdamC

    How can you even choose!

  • Tim Guarente

    This is a cool contest, but how much bike do we get? I would be pumped to get a frameset and ENVE bits, but a set of brakes and derailleurs would of course improve the lot.
    Or I’d get the sickest balance bike this side of the Mississippi.

    • Jason Marshall

      this comment made me laugh OUT LOUD. i feel you on that.

  • David Young

    Please I would love 2 electric folding bike that have tracker that even cellphone can fine your bike anywhere and that set -only you the owner can remove the tracker kind that COPS can get your bike back fast ..instead of only retrieve a part of a bike and get mad at the system of USA..I’ve been hacked, ripped off my bike’s to much coast out my pockets and know I’m on low-income HARD to get around and would love too have that kind of bike please enter me in [email protected] I’m David Young… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/665d6d8bb89f0915da26fc5339c772cf8d09d337f147dbd5ae100cf1246f2c90.jpg

  • Joeue Bulaco Capin

    Please give me a chance to have a downhill bike to experience adventure to the mountain.. I’m Joeue B. Capin from Philippines Island… I wrote this my message because I can’t afford to buy downhill bike because my salary here in the Philippines good for daily expenses to commute bus everyday and my meals also.. I’m married so that’s why no budget for other expense.. I hope this my letter to touch your golden heart to sent me bike here in the Philippines to experience of what it feels to ride the bike my own…. This is my complete address Purok 5 Western San Vicente Panabo City Zip code 8105 Philippines my name JOEUE B. CAPIN…..