Danny MacAskill in Arkansas Mar 3, 2017

Danny is at it again, this time in the Southern United States.

  • breed007

    As an aside, the Crystal Bridges museum he’s riding around is really great and not what you’d expect from Arkansas. I went there once thinking “Arkansas art museum, huh? [insert hillbilly joke]” and was blown away by the architecture and exhibits. And the singletrack runs right through the grounds.

    • Yep! I’ve wanted to ride there for a while.

      • breed007

        You should. It’s one of those situations where a combination of wealthy locals that ride mountain bikes and a desire by the community to drive in more tourism has built hundreds of miles of great trail but the usage isn’t anywhere close to what you find in Colorado/California.

  • Whitney Ford-Terry

    Riding bikes in an art museum? swoon.

  • Levi Finn

    The is great riding here in North West Arkansas! This is a really cool video right next to where I work!