2017 NAHBS: Strong Frames Classic Road with Dura Ace

After the dust from the explosion of hydraulic disc brakes, electronic and wireless shifting settled over the bike industry and ultimately, NAHBS, I found myself tuned into the classic road bike offerings. There’s a misconception that steel is heavy, and perhaps many of the readers of this website aren’t privy to that, but plenty of conversations with cyclists prove this negative connotation exists.

This year at NAHBS, Carl Strong of Strong Frames looked to break that stigma, with a classic road bike, built with Dura Ace that weighed in at 16lbs. Carl described this bike as a throwback to the 7402-era race bikes. He even used Dura Ace hubs on the wheel build. It’s easy to get caught up in technology at NAHBS, but bikes like this just make me swoon.

  • mp

    Classic and full of class!

  • KevinDurantSignatureSlushee

    want it

  • Love it (but actually screamed at #7).

    • bruce golla

      those coated cables do that on brand new bikes it’s not wire fray it’s just the plastic coating rubbing off. Not sure if they even make these type of cables anymore.

      • Not_a_troglodyte

        It’s a coating Shimano uses on their road cables. And it’s not rubbing off, that’s how they look out of the box. I’ve had an issue once if it coming off inside my front STI lever and I had to extract it to keep it from blocking the cable path. It was introduced when they went to the light action shifters around 3-4 years ago. Frankly, I can’t tell the difference between the coated cables and standard stainless ones.

  • FireUrEngine

    I love steel, pivot brakes, and mechanical shifting. This is a cool bike.

  • Eli Castro

    Gorgeous. I’m lucky enough to ride a Carl Strong steel bike, and I can attest that those welds are just as spectacular in person as they look in these photos. This guy is all the class.

  • DBNM

    I saw this bike at NAHBS. That paint job! Wow.

  • adanpinto

    Love to the simplicity of a proper road bike…and with this paint job, even more.

    • AdamBike99

      Agreed. And Ollie, of Dark Matter Finishing, knocked the paint out of the park (again).

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  • .,`

    SP-41 goodness.

  • Ritter Rost

    Yes its awesome. But the hairy cables make my eyes hurt.

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