2017 NAHBS: Sim Works Doppo Touring Bike

We’ve seen this frame offering from Sim Works before, during the insane bicycle tour we got to partake in while in Japan with our friends from Circles. For NAHBS this year, Sim Works brought their Doppo touring bike, set up with 650b wheels, fenders, drop bars and their new Volummy tires. This bike looks great, painted in a matte olive drab, with custom Sim Works anodized green Paul components Klampers and skewers.

Arigatou gozaimasu, Sim Works!

  • Nathan Thumbs Wray

    My only gripe with this entire bike, is that with just about everyone going to through-axles for disk bikes recently why build a bike with open dropouts and regular QR’s especially for the NAHBS.

    • Because there’s nothing wrong with QR and disc brakes. :-)

      • Nathan Thumbs Wray

        I would argue there is. Across the board there are copious problems with brakes being adjusted fine with no rub. Take the wheel out do something like change a tire reinstall the wheel and magically the brake runs again. The wheel was in square and proper before as it is after you put it back in but it requires you to adjust your brake. Again. Where as with the through axle there’s no chance of tightening it more or less, no chance of the wheel being in crooked, the only variable which seems to only plague qr hubs is disk tab centrisity to the rotating axis.

        • Ben Richards

          So, I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think this was necessarily built FOR the NAHBS per se. The frame comes from Shin fabrications in Japan, and like John mentioned in the post, they’ve used this frame before to showcase their parts. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the same frame, and if it pre-dates Paul’s thru-axles too. My point being, the frame isn’t really the selling point here. As it stands, you can’t even get one outside of JP (I chatted with SW for a bit trying to get one, but no dice so far).

        • Jan

          Sorry, but I do not agree. I have owned various thru axle bikes, and all of them needed a little maintenance on the brakes now and then. The same with my QR cross and touring rigs. Cannot really spot a difference regarding the axle standard.

        • Raditya Joko

          Been doing just fine with QR on my disc cx bike. I dismantle the bike a lot since i took it with me while traveling and no excessive brake rub. Yes you need to adjust slightly everytime you install the wheels but it seems even thru axles will have the same issue eventually.

          As for no advantage, maybe they dont seek for advantage, they just bring what they got to the show. Cheers.

      • Jon Severson

        Agreed there. Think too often people want thru axels because they think they want them. I’m not a small guy by any means (230-240lbs) yet QR’s on most of my hardtails (cyclocross & monstercross) with no issues.

  • recurrecur

    Very reminiscent of your Geekhouse, no?

    • I think so. :-)

    • kermitonwheels

      I immediately thought the same.

  • jon robert

    any more details on those tires? because i want some.

    • Not sure yet. My guess is there’s en route to being in stock.

  • Meshkat

    So many nice little details on this bike and yet it’s not over the top.

  • bicyclecrumbs

    But how about dat bottle?

  • Ben Richards

    Love this thing, and really wish I could get my hands on one. There’s a version out on the interwebs (and somewhere IRL too I suppose) built up with with Maxxis tires that looks like a blast to shred on.

    Be still my heart though for the WI crank and big gum rubber sidewalls on this frame.

  • Peter Chesworth

    The NAHBS coverage is terrific. Interesting to observe a maturing, or centreing of design. Fewer bikes with beer taps for shifters, which to my mind is not a bad thing. Certainly remains ahead of trend though.

  • what’s up with those valves? Valve caps and lock rings? And one ring completely against the valve cap?

    Beautiful bike though, wish they would sell that Doppo (and the pink one) outside Japan

    • Virgil Q Staphbeard

      That’s a darn good question. The rear wheel is extra foul.

  • Julius

    Love the ‘doppo’ decals & obviously, triple triangle rocks. But I am not a fan of the bent seatstays and the segmented junction with the top tube. Also, stock orange PAUL parts would have provided a cool contrast ATMO, I personally feel the bright green looks a little off next to the olive frame/fork.

    • PGH_small_adventures

      I was thinking the same thing about the PAUL components.

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  • Marc Wilkinson

    I love what Sim Works is doing. Does Shin weld these?

    • Yep!

      • Marc Wilkinson

        Even better, cause there’s enthusiasm trapped in the tubes.

  • sturtlovinggood

    Nice to see a modern frame so un-tukt