2017 NAHBS: Shamrock Nature is Metal Road with SRAM Red eTap

If the Necronomicog would ever come out of retirement, this would be its bike of choice. This year at NAHBS, SRAM had a four bikes on display, including this Shamrock road with eTap. The paint job is one of my favorites at the show. It’s not overly complicated, or bright and that’s why I like it.

Like tree branches reaching for the ground against a deep blue sky, this bike is reminiscent of those long rides where you’re trying to get home before the pitch black hits.

  • Nealipo

    IMO, one of the best road bikes you documented this year. Lug of the Irish!

  • FireUrEngine

    Beautiful bike. Not fond of blue, but this is an exception.

  • rsigworth

    I like how the blue headset spacer provides the alternating contrast between blue and black. Its a tiny detail but I noticed it right away.

  • Jerry Hayes

    Love the fork design! Great looking design and attention to detail as always.

  • Eyeam Nammed Tree

    GREAT BIKE! that non-hidden bolt catch pin urks me. brake line cut length is fun, reminds me of old steel frames….

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  • joe_man

    So fresh. The seat lug. The fork; is it filet brazed steel?

  • Jason

    Gotta ask,

    What’s the criteria for admission, wheels sizes above 26 inch only?

    Standard, FBM, Terrible One, S&M, etc have been at the “Handmade” game for, forever.

    I dig the show and the luxury items, and definitely the much needed promotion of the craft, just wondering if it’s designed to be big wheel only?

    Nice work on the coverage this year.

    • Well, Standard, FBM, Solid, et all don’t attend NAHBS. There’s no reason aside I’d argue the BMX industry is pretty autonomous. When someone makes a cool DJ or BMX, I try to shoot it, but truthfully, not many show up.

      • Jason

        Makes sense. Maybe it’ll change. (The east coast in particular has a collection of “newer” builders that are putting out amazing work: Big Dave (Post-FBM) and Mike Laird, who’s moved into Ti.)

        Cheers John.

    • marty larson

      Groundup usually shows(IF he attends that is.) with a BMX in tow. Had a sweet cruiser this year.

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