2017 NAHBS: Proudfoot Cycles All Road with Lauf Grit Fork

This bike is proof that if you take a clean, straight-forward all road or ‘cross bike and put a Lauf Grit on it, you’ll turn heads. That’s what I did anyway as I walked the aisles at NAHBS this year. Don’t get me wrong, the Lauf didn’t make or break this bike. I really like what Proudfoot is doing. Their frames are all $1,750 and are made by hand in Golden, Colorado. You could say they’re void of ostentation, and rely on precision construction and welding to promote their products. The result are mountain and all road bikes, available in a handful of colors.

Check out more from Proudfoot!

  • RX178

    That bike’s been Cronenberged.

  • ChinookPass

    I’ve never seen one of those forks before. I just checked out the video on their website. Looks effective and clever. It will take some to get used to the visuals and not sure how compatible it is with bikepacking. Cool innovation though.
    $1750 for a handbuilt frame is nice!

    • Alex Hillis

      One interesting piece of feedback I’ve heard on the Lauf forks is that the two leaf springs move independently. Unlike a traditional fork which connects the two sides, this would allow the wheel to angle slightly if there is more load on one spring or the other.

  • aeriolabehaviour

    Weird looking but interesting!

  • FireUrEngine

    St Patty’s day bike. That front end reminds me of a Lamborghini. Interesting looking bike.

  • Wasatchrider

    So stoked on my Proudfoot. I just picked up one of their 148 MTB’s and am blown away with the combination of quality, precision, and simplicity.

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  • Western Rapid

    Anybody know what pedals are those…?

  • louis.cox

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