2017 NAHBS: Oddity Mean Green Machine

Like the great old one Cthulhu, this Oddity mountain bike pulled me in with its ominous appearance. The tendril-like fork coming from the head tube looks like some alien beast reaching out to make you part of its low-carb diet. It drew me in. The titanium cockpit, post and fork were powder coated neon green to match the steel frame, angering the locals in Fort Collins, Colorado. Or so the owner of the bike said.

Then I noticed all the dicks painted on the bike. Dozens of them. Dozens of dicks. On a show bike. Then I loved the bike even more. Oddity, you’re one strange builder, but I think I love you.

  • breed007

    Nice COCKpit.

  • FireUrEngine

    Toxic avenger green. Dope!

  • JCurtis

    Nah us locals DGAF. Burnsy and those cats are weirdos but good dudes and rad riders.

  • Patrick Murphy

    um…why isn’t the eagle dropping dicks? Almost perfect.

    • I know right?!?

    • Rye Young


  • ThadCock.