2017 NAHBS: Jeremy’s Ted Lincoln-Painted Land Speeder Sycip Hardtail

I’m in Moab, Utah with a handful of framebuilders and will be previewing their NAHBS offerings leading up to the event…

Fans of the Rebel Alliance would know that paint scheme without even reading the title. Ted Lincoln is an artist, one that paints scenes from the Star Wars Universe using mother of pearl in what he calls “Mother of Pearl Art.” Ted has been officially endorsed by George Lucas and has gained quite the traction amongst the Star Wars fans. Traction like a 27.5+ tire on sandstone! It just so happened that before Ted was big, Jeremy Sycip knew him in San Francisco, so for this year’s NAHBS, he asked Ted to paint his own personal hardtail for the show. What you’re seeing here is Ted’s first ever mother of pearl bicycle art.

Even as a photographer who loves challenges, this bike was particularly hard to document without my studio light setup allowing me to make the details pop out, but then again shooting bikes in Moab > shooting bikes in a convention center…

  • Worlds collide :’)

  • PGH_small_adventures


  • Nicholas Petersen


  • Ted Barbeau

    The pennies never get old. Such a fun detail.

  • I just came to note that I am really enjoying the Rekon 2.8s, and I like the big rock stuck in the tread in #11.

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  • nothingfuture

    That looks pretty clearly to me like a bike that likes to get rowdy.
    There are a couple of details on it that I find especially interesting:
    1. What looks like a 25.4 bar (shimmed out to 31.8?)
    2. Phil hubs with the “Phil” in white look surprisingly good
    3. Fat tires are pretty much always awesome (especially on a steel hardtail)

  • Spence Peterson

    Love the signature pennies.
    What is the rear hub? Phil?

  • AdamBike99

    There’s a bunch of Lincoln’s going on there! Is this Sycip the “Dessert Storm Trooper?” ;-)
    What a beauty, right down to the build selection.
    Your photos are wonderful John. The dessert makes a great studio for your style.

  • caliente

    How tall is Jeremy? Rad Paint!

  • Roger Lackey