2017 NAHBS: Calfee Luna Pro Road

If it were possible to craft a carbon road bike from molten lava, Calfee would be the ones to do it. This new Luna Pro is magma. It’s fire. The color pops so much, it burned the sensor in my camera. Joking aside, this might be one of the nicest Calfee road bikes I’ve seen at NAHBS. It’s bright while still being subtle in the details. For 2017, Calfee has updated the tubing on the Luna Pro, making it all the adjectives you want to hear when it comes to carbon fiber bike design.

Best of all, the Luna Pro is still marketed as the least expensive US-made carbon fiber road frame.

  • FireUrEngine

    I have never been a fan of Calfee. Those duck feet lugs are ugly. I like a cleaner joinery.

    • John Atnip

      I rather like the joinery, it is different than all others which is good! It actually looks better in person than pics. For me, ‘custom’ or handcrafted or limited stuff is cooler if it doesn’t look like readily available factory produced frames, etc. To each his own! Cheers

  • Peter Chesworth

    Nice to see carbon as a craft.