Jon’s Sabrosa Dirty Drop Bar Travel Tourer

As with any fabrication job, resolving design challenges creatively is just part of the job. When Jon at Sabrosa Cycles wanted a travel touring bike, he didn’t want to order an S&S or Break-Away kit, he wanted to design something from scratch that would be special and unique to his brand. The result is clever and hardly noticeable unless you know what you’re looking for.

When I first saw the details, I asked Jon if he had seen Rick Hunter’s Bushmaster. He hadn’t. Yet, whereas Rick’s design was used to resolve the problem of chain tension, Jon designed his so you could unbolt the rear triangle from the front, making it easy to travel with.

If you love details, this frame’s got’em, since just about everything on this has been hand machined and made from scratch. The segmented fork and stays harken back to Fat City Cycles and Jon’s roots as a MTB fanboy, where he grew up admiring the early creations from Salsa and the like. The Paul Neo Retro Cantis have plenty of stopping power and a good, ol’ fashioned triple gets Jon up and over mountain passes in the St. George area.

This bike is unique without being overly ostentatious and capable without being overbuilt. Photographing it was sheer pleasure! Don’t forget to check out our Shop Visit at Sabrosa Cycles and give Jon a follow on Instagram!

  • Nealipo

    This is one of the raddest bikes ever published on this site. It has a nice stance, symmetry, ornamentation, and is clearly built to be used and abused. Awesome!

    • jh

      agreed. awesome!

  • hans

    super rad bike. really dig the stance of it. wish there was a photo of the frame with the rear triangle unbolted!

    • Was gonna ask but we were all short on time.

  • nothingfuture

    Steel headset spacers with a bit of patina?
    Welds and lugs and a crazy break-apart frame?
    Lugged *and* segmented fork crown?
    Rear entry dropouts?
    There’s literally nothing about this bike I don’t like.

  • Sebastian Burnell

    How does the front brake cable work it`s way into the stem? So Clean…so great, just fantastic. Upps did not want to borrow these words…

  • Pretty skinny pink bike!

  • Dave Pelletier

    love the pepto-pink. great bike.

  • boomforeal

    high trail and tight wheelbase touring bike… very curious how it rides, especially loaded up

  • Draw Imagine

    Now thats something else! At first glance I was not very pleased by the geo and tight wheelbase but after 5 minutes I was in love with this weird but wonderfull bike. The details are nice indeed, all practical and no show.

  • Tom Gibbs

    Do you know what the tyres are?

    • geoff.tewierik

      Freedom by WTB, Looks like the Cruz tread pattern in 28×2.0″.

      Pic #4 has all the relevant details.

      • Tom Gibbs

        Oh cool. Thanks!

  • Such a short wheelbase! That downtube bottle holder won’t hold much more than a jar of peanut butter.

    Love it though, so much character.

  • Sascha Seksneun

    Now that short rear reminds me of something, … super fun and playful, which is where it’s at for me as being a bmx rider all my life :) Might be a bit much of the twitchieness for other folks though .

  • Nice to see a bicycle with cantis. Lovely.

  • Andy Moore

    Seems at least halfway Ritchey Break-Away style at the seat post, with the other bit at the chain stays from Rob English’s elegant approach to the travel bike. I love the aesthetics here, tho, for sure, esp that pepto pink and the no-nonsense gittur-dun build.

  • duperay

    bike is plenty weird, love it !

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