Inside Line Equipment Updates Their Photo Bag Mini Feb 15, 2017

My favorite small camera bag just got better. Inside Line Equipment updated the Photo Bag Mini with a new interior fabric, better foam and a simple, one-piece insert design. The new and improved Photo Bag mini is also available in an array of custom material options, along with some stock fabric choices. This bag will fit mirrorless systems easily, as well as a DSLR with a small telephoto zoom lens like the 5D and a 24-70. I’ve used mine thoroughly for almost five years and love it. They retail for $120, are sewn in California with stock available now at Inside Line Equipment.

  • This has been my main bag with my X-Pro1 kit for a few years. Perfect size for a body with 2 extra lenses, and totally bomb proof. No complaints, so whatever they improved must be great.

  • Oh yeah, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for…

  • I’ve had incredibly good experiences with Inside Line Equipment. I’m on my second bag from them after upgrading to a Flap Top for capacity. Like my old Default, it’s been a year of hard use and it barely looks used. These are BIFL!

    Big shout-out to these guys, good stuff.

  • Chris Valente

    Just got an ILE porteur bag for commuting/kid hauling. It’s the bees knees.

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  • Thanks for the heads up! This pushed me to check out Eric’s place on my way out of town this weekend after eating at The Butchers Son (A vegan place that everyone will love!). It is exactly what I need for a camera bag! Also he is a rad dude and everyone should stop by and check out some bags and get some coffee next door to his place!

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