Cool Stuff at Frostbike – Kyle Kelley

Cool Stuff at Frostbike
Photos by Kyle Kelley and words by John Watson

Frostbike. It’s part party, part bike industry tradeshow and all fun. Each year, Quality Bicycle Products, the largest distributor for bike shops in the US, invites a handful of media and tons of shop owners to its facilities in Bloomington, just outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Once within its walls, attendees get a sneak peek at many of the brands QBP carries’ newest offerings.

This year, we didn’t line anyone up to cover the event, but Kyle was there for his shop, Golden Saddle Cyclery. Because he is a shop owner and a regular contributor to the Radavist, Kyle’s eye for what is “cool” really resonates. You’ll see a lot from the brands commonly featured here on the site and if you’ve got any questions, just drop them in the comments.


Follow Kyle on Instagram, Golden Saddle Cyclery on Instagram and QBP on Instagram.


  • Tim Wesolowski

    Paul – please make that QR seat clamp in 33.1 mm for the Surly Wednesday, Karate Monkey, etc. Looks great!

  • recurrecur

    Looks like Thomson finally woke up to how fugly their layback stem is.

    • Brian Richard Walbergh

      I always thought it kind of endearing… the new one isn’t exactly a piece of art.

      • It’s fodder for Bicycle Pubes for sure.

        • YoungG

          “Release the Puben.”
          -Zeus, 1981

        • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

          Finger on the Pubes

      • recurrecur

        You’ll notice I didn’t say they’d SOLVED the problem…

    • Scott Felter

      Seriously though?! It actually looked unique before, now it just looks Kalloy…

    • The new one is a 25mm setback. The original is only 16mm. I’m running the new one on a camp bike and it opens up some fit options, particularly with Brooks and other saddles that have limited fore/aft adjustment.

  • Derek

    Stoked about the Thomson dirt drops. Interested to see how it compares to the Salsa Cowbell.

    • geoff.tewierik

      Certainly thicker across the tops, whereas the Cowbell tapers down a couple of inches out from the centre.

      • Tim Guarente

        Are they aluminum?

  • geoff.tewierik

    #8 Masterpiece not Elite?

    • Trevor H

      Masterpiece [C] as in Carbon as well…

  • Tyler Morin

    Want that Paul seat post clamp!

    • Smithhammer

      Agreed. Good to see those making a comeback.

  • marty larson

    Kyle picked everything I would have. Diggin’ that new Spacehorse as well. Classy. And the Paul Poast Dropper is a must have me thinks.

  • pedal.roll

    That Surly bar looks choice.

  • Evan Robinson

    enduro pockets from ketl: Fast Casual?

    • Taking a page out of Big S’s book for sure, I’m game! The shorts below look promising too..

  • Ryan

    Those Camo tires are incredible.

  • jtbadge

    Rack mounts and SRAM 1 make the Macho Man an even better commuter. Should sell a bunch!

    RIP rim brake cross bikes, though.

  • Alex Zacher

    I’m on The Radavist! This is the most famous I’ll ever be.

    • Hey, Alex!

    • Dale Scott

      Hey Alex what bag is that- looks awesome!

      • Alex Zacher

        It’s from Trash Bags (, they’re a hand made operation out of Minneapolis. I’ve got a Garbage Truck and couldn’t love it more.

  • Guy Hall

    Any more coming on that Surly? looks interesting…

    • Tim Guarente

      The bike? Looks like a Cross Check.

  • Bane&Boon

    Any one know what tires those tires are on the All City in picture #21?

    • I’m pretty sure they’re Clement, but I’m not sure of the model.

      • rocketman

        looks like the PDX model

    • Matt M

      Schwalbe G-Ones or S-Ones maybe?

      • Bane&Boon

        They looks like g ones with a bit more solid center tread. I dunno!

        • Nick Paglia

          They are 700 x 40 Vee Rubber Speedsters.

  • Moody

    They should hold this in Ireland and call it Celtic Frostbike, just sayin’

    • Evan Robinson

      to mega criterium

      • Moody

        Cycle of the Tyrants?

  • Anthony Coffin

    Are we seeing two new colors for Space Horse Disc here? 80’s Peugeot and Prince both look outstanding!

    • Nick Paglia

      The Prince frame was part of the Prince-themed lounge in our booth. Fun fact… it’s actually one of the original geometry samples of the Space Horse Disc in 650b (43cm) and uses the Macho Man Disc dropout since the production Space Horse Disc dropouts weren’t ready yet.

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