All Roads Lead to Rome Feb 27, 2017

Living in the city isn’t so bad, after all.

  • Sean Perry

    Ha ha. Beautiful though it may be, and I have lived (and cycled) here for 23 years, I can assure you that this was mostly shot very late at night. The average car driver in Rome spends 6-days a year stuck in traffic, and the roads are beyond description. It’s so dangerous for cycling that many new cyclists ride on the wrong side of the road, against the traffic, as they feel safer – those that don’t cycle on the pavements that is. I have broken my back (T4 – a policeman opened his car door without looking), my left femur (taxi driver pulled out without looking) and countless other fingers, ribs etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love cycling, and won’t give up, but this film portrays cycling in Rome in a VERY false light. The shots from 2:30 onwards I do on my daily commute, and it’s as dangerous as hell. Car and motorino drivers don’t know how to deal with cyclists (I regularly get told to cycle on the pavement or in the non existent bike lanes), I’d hate to guess how many people drive whilst using their phones, you might as well remove lights and indicators from the cars they are used so little, and there are so many double (or triple) parked cars that you really do need eyes in the back of your head. Cars park on crossings, so you can’t see people trying to cross, I see people shoot red lighst every day (I kid you not). It’s chaos out there.

    After being hit from behind last year (and no, the car driver didn’t stop), I now ride with a Cycliq front and back. I have 3 rear lights, 2 front lights. If I’m late for what ever reason my girlfriend always fears the worst, and I can’t blame her.

    Come and visit – yes, it’s beautiful, but it’s not yet a cycling city (unfortunately).

    • vopop

      You’re right, Sean
      But this video is wrong from every point! (except the Stelbel bike, though)

      • Sean Perry

        I’d agree with that – I would love an SB/03…..

    • campirecord

      I couldn’t agree more, I was stunned with the low traffic and this is because it was probably in the lowest of season in the lowest of traffic time… I took up an apartment for 3 weeks in Rome off Trastavere just behind the hill top. Mu first thought was how I could get around town on a bike. I will force my way through traffic no problem on a bike and let me tell ya, I walked for 3 weeks…Appreciate the video though, by the way the Rome bike share program lasted a good 2 weeks before it was dismantled.