The New All-City Mr. Pink is Rolling to Los Angeles Jan 5, 2017


All-City is fleeing the snow and cold temperatures for a weekend in Los Angeles with the new Mr. Pink road bike. There will be two events, both taking place in Silver Lake. Check the details out below:

Mr. Pink Release Party Weekend!
Friday the 13th: Sunset Ride to the Blacktop. Ride meets at 3:30pm at GSC. If you can’t make it we’ll be back at 7pm for a reception!
Saturday the 14th: 60 Mile Road Ride. Meet at Intelligentsia, Silver Lake at 8am

  • jtbadge

    Does the teaser picture on their blog look like Motorola paint to anyone else?

    • John Watson

      Well, considering the last Mr. Pink was a nod to Telekom, I’d say you’re pretty close. ;-)

      • Gordon M

        so there’s a new Mr Pink color coming out?! Can’t wait to see the photos

  • Nick Meulemans

    Ugh I wish I was even remotely close for this! Looks like a great time! :)

  • Mike Scalamogna

    I spy a carbon fork