Kelsey Phillips Does What She Loves Jan 23, 2017

… after quitting her studies in microbiology. Find out more about Kelsey’s life as a bicycle messenger in this profile video.

  • Riding my bike an hour every day is the reason I’m surviving my Ph.D. If I wasn’t getting in my riding time, I think the stress would really get to me. My daily fantasy is dropping out and freelancing from a touring bike, or working in a bike shop.

    But, I still wake up every morning and I go teach my classes and then I do my coursework. I don’t know if I can articulate why, and I don’t think my reason for doing it is as good as Kelsey’s reasons for bike messengering. I really respect her pursuit of happiness.

    • Joel Fudge

      I agree completely.

  • Joel Fudge

    I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Super inspirational and says a lot to the amount of determination and perseverance that Kelsey has. You inspire me Kelsey and I too am happy you are pursuing something you love.

  • Brian Larson

    This is rad. I dropped out of science PhD school to play bikes too. No regrets.