Head in the Clouds Jan 9, 2017



The weather here in California has been on one lately and I can’t say we’re complaining! Today Vernor and I took to some of my favorite roads in LA to watch the spectacle and partake in some grippy dirt.

  • Martin Pont

    Is that the new Breakaway Ascent by any chance?

    • Yep! He loves that thing!

      • tripleD

        Any idea what tire clearance on that bike is like? Ritcheys website lists pretty stingy max tire size, otherwise I’d be all over that bike.

        • Brian Vernor

          The fork will take a proper mtb 27.5 tire, but the back is limited to a 2.1—I have a narrow to my eye conti 2.2 mountain king on there.

  • Martin Pont

    Ive got the Breakaway steel and I love it, but this is the allroad dream….. Want!