Sven Nys’ SSCXWC PDX Trek Crockett Cross Bike

Sven Nys’ SSCXWC Bike
Photos by Jeff Kennel / Justin Blumer and Sean Talkington, words by John Watson

Each year, SSCXWC lands in the lap of some innocent city, only to have its parks, streets, and bars invaded by hundreds of singlespeed-wielding maniacs in search for mud. This year the event found itself in Portland, Oregon, the bastion of debauchery when it comes to illicit bike races but I’m not even sure the organizers of the PDX event knew what was in store for them or their event. At some point, Trek felt that it would be a good idea to bring a recently-retired ‘cross world legend into the party. Yes, the one and only Sven Nys. For the guys at Trek and Sven, it would prove to be the perfect opportunity to create a special bike for the event and maybe up the ante for future SSCXWC races.

Sven's SSCXWC Custom Trek  (12 of 13)

Justin Blumer from Trek described the design process as:

“Like most great ideas, the appearance began as a somewhat whimsical “what if we…” conversation amongst designers at Trek, who went on to make it happen and collaborated on the bike’s custom graphics. The scheme is a collage of tattoo-style art highlighting Sven’s career and celebrating the debacherous spirit of the event.”

As soon as the event unfolded, the internet was filled with “Jump the shark” memes, but isn’t that the role of events like this? Surprise the attendees, no matter how ridiculous and even if there is some shark jumping to unfold, it’ll most likely be in the mud pit.


Thanks to Sean from Team Dream and the boys at Trek for sending these images over! And to Sven for keeping the stoke high.


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  • Andrew Nepsund


  • Chris Valente

    I read a lot of those “jump the shark” things on Twitter but by the looks of it, Sven was just there to have a good time. Does Trek get some PR from it? Sure, but they are also trying to good things with promoting cross in the US (streaming euro cx races etc). Props to him for getting in the spirit of the festivities. Also the the graphics on that bike are awesome.

    • I agree.

    • Rider_X

      Yeah, I don’t think Sven felt he had anything to prove, its unfortunate others don’t feel the same. Transitioning out of pro can be hard, kudos to Sven for doing it with some class!

    • Gus

      Whatever the motivation, Sven was well and truly into the spirit of the event. The only difference between him and other competitors is that we couldn’t help him up one particularly muddy hill because he was too dang strong/fast.

      Except for his bike handling through the dual slalom course it was almost impossible to pick Josh Bryceland out of the pack (because he was covered in mud). He’s barely intelligible at the best of times but judging by his cheeky course “navigation” I’d say he was also into the spirit(s) of the event.

      A really awesome finish to my first season of cross. SSCXWCxPDX delivered

  • Nicholas Petersen

    Clicks on dropout detail….*heavy breathing*
    Sven is a class act, he’s got nothing to prove.

  • Evan Robinson

    dude just wants to party, same thing when he showed up to the foam party.

    • he has earned the right to party as hard as he wants, too! Stoked on these photos.

  • P. Ledesma

    The graphics are very nice, but those welds are not as good looking as they could be. Aluminum? Love the “Dirk Hofman Motorhomes”. Any detail on the stem faceplate? Thanks for the pictures.

    • Nick Meulemans

      Stem faceplate is the standard two-piece Blendr faceplate, custom painted

  • Gene

    All the details are neat and all, but I can’t get over the ground-down outer rings on his bikes.

    • nielubieto’em all

      What do you mean?

      • nielubieto’em all

        Ah, couldn’t figure it out, but I see it now – outer is in fact regular large Ultegra chainring with filed down teeth?

  • Frank

    I’d buy a ‘svenness’ t-shirt if crosshairs would re-stock them. Probably two of them so I could wear it into perpetuity.

  • Wish there was a feature of a whole buncha SSCX bikes from that event! I just built one myself so I’m on full consumption mode… this build/paint rocks.

  • Nick Meulemans

    Would have really liked to have seen detail shots of the converted brake levers! The tattoo details are over the top but the burnished raw combined with subtle paint (yellow-red shade fade) is rad!

  • mrbiggs

    I just love the idea of showing up to a bike race on a Cross Check, hungover, and in women’s underwear, and you’re suddenly standing next to Sven Nys at the starting line. I’ve had dreams like that.

  • kermitonwheels

    Dirk Hoffman Motorhomes FTW. Pity you missed a shot of the “Sven Line” and the ode to CXHairs on the head tube.