Check out Robin Williams’ Bike Collection Auction Oct 14, 2016





Ranging from the slick to the strange, the late Robin Williams’ bike collection has something for everyone and if you see anything that fancies your taste, you’ve got until October 25th to bid on this auction. Head to Paddle 8 to check it out!

  • Kevin Capo
  • recurrecur

    The man really liked titanium.
    Pity that whoever’s running the auction hasn’t a clue about bike sizing.

    • Nicholas Tingey

      Robin Williams was 5’7″. I’m using the fact that these are probably all too small as my justification for not buy one…

      • recurrecur

        Really? Thanks for the info.
        Something about the general geometry made me think he was 5’10″ish.

  • Gus

    That’s a lot of seat bags!

  • Adam

    Shop: Yes, the D2 is very beautiful Mr. Williams, although designed for someone seeking a rather, umm, aggressive riding position.
    R.W.: Damn your rules, man! Bring me my five-inch spacer at once!

  • Matt

    JP Morgen (via [email protected] Air), some rigs from City Cycle and AC…..other Hollywood folks phoned their assistants ….Williams clearly was in SF cycling with eyes wide open….nice.