Emily and Her Squid Bikes Barrel of Monkeys B3 ‘Cross

When your bikes are made by Sherwood Gibson of Ventana, who’s been constructing frames since 1988, you can spend all your time on marketing, designing and applying their paint jobs. For Squid Bikes co-owner Emily Kachorek, paint design and implementation happens in a whimsical way. All it takes is some inspiration, a precedent and she’s out in her paint booth with spray cans blazing. For her latest race bike, she chose the childhood game Barrel of Monkeys to be the theme. Then, to up the ante, she gave the monkeys neon pink sunglasses, save for one, who has black shades on.

This bike was at the WD-40 Interbike booth, built up with Zipp components, wheels and a fresh SRAM gruppo with a TRP fork. It’ll be thrashed in various UCI ‘cross races around the US this season and as with any cross bike, it’ll look so much better all muddy.

Thanks to Emily and Squid Bikes for making bicycle paint design look easy and fun! If you’d like a Squid of your own, check out their offerings at SquidBikes.com.

  • Junior


  • btompkins0112

    So hot

  • planning_nerd

    clearcoat(?) looks horrible, like its full of dust.

    • It’s from a spray can… it’s not going to be as nice as wet paint in a booth.

      • planning_nerd

        can’t imagine why someone would demo a rattlecanned paint job but OK.

        • No one’s demo’ing the bike. It’s Emily’s personal race bike. Go to Squidbikes.com and see what they do.

          I’m impressed that your results are impressive! Let’s see them!

          • Euan Lindsay

            Some people get it, and some don’t. Those are the ones who aren’t fun at all.

          • ;-)

          • Patrick

            Nailed it Euan. :)

        • Truth Hurts

          I know, right?!? The damn thing doesn’t say Crux or Crockett on any of the tubes!

          • planning_nerd

            you guys are funny…

            Anyway, pro tip. If you start a bike company, and somebody wants to photograph your bike for their website, have them photograph a bike that looks good.

          • I’ll be sure to take the “pro tip” from the guy who up to this point has just injected his masculinity and prowess in the comments section as an anonymous handle. Thanks. Oh and I’ll be sure to tell Emily that some BRO on the internet doesn’t like her work and he went out of HIS way to tell HER that. Cool.

        • Ryan Connelly

          Actions speak louder than words, planning_nerd.

      • AdamBike99

        Here’s a fork I just finished refinishing =) with rattle cans from Spray.bike (Squid). Clear is from Spraymax, 2K Gloss.
        Rattle cans; in a booth though. Rattle cans are okay at times. Dust and schmutz are never okay!
        Love your bike Emily! Let me know if you’d like to collaborate some time. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a12ac4f55e33b0464c3c92580e97ed47c415ef380b975624b9c0f5d20b949465.jpg

        • Also, you put my sharp, 200mm lens at F8 on that fork in some shit lighting and it’s bound to show some inconsistencies in the clear coat.

          • AdamBike99

            John, I am looking forward to you pointing yer lenses at my custom finishes in the near future. ;-)

        • Chris Gonzo

          Hey Adam, how much of a can of spraymax did you use on that fork? Honestly curious.

          • AdamBike99

            About half a can Chris. Three full coats for protection and shine.

    • Felix

      It would need some wet sanding in between the colors to look smoother. If you have the patience…

  • Tim Guarente

    This looks like a lot of fun. I think we all know how much.

  • Masterchief

    Non-hydroformed round aluminium tubes and welds those sizes are so last millenium.

    • and it looks sick in a world of hydroformed tubes and ground down welds!

      • Erik Fenner

        Not if the welds are a lumpy mess.

      • Masterchief

        Yes it does! My comment was meant in a nostalgic way, it really reminds me of my Centurion rigid alu mtb from 1989, that came with a funky flouro splatter pattern.

    • Patrick

      Hmmm. I thought a bike’s quality was in it’s ride, not how it checks off lists on the internet.

    • noob_sauce

      VYNL, new Spooky, it’s actually very current.


    The bike looks awesome! I love what you folks are doing at Squid. Seems a lot of the folks commenting are not so into DIY type projects. Good job!!

  • Josh

    Squid bikes is a fun family to be apart of. I have 2, one they powder coated and id packed to my specs and one I just finished spraying myself. They are something fun and fresh in the mass marketing and mass production that is bicycle retail. They ride like a dream I between the tape, pure bred race bike.

  • Fluent In Campagnolo

    Yikes, those welds

  • David

    Totally appreciate what Squid is doing and stoked they’re around and helping athletes like Anthony Clark.

  • carter

    Wooo I’ve been eyeing the paint gallery over at squid for some time now. This one is a barrel of monkeys though!

  • Patrick
  • Ryan Connelly

    Love this site, but some of comments seen seem downright sexist or uncalled for (on this post and other posts). I wish there was a way for additional moderation at times, but also admire your dedication to freedom in allowing open commentary.

    • There is. You can flag a comment and if enough people flag it, it’ll get removed.

  • Jared

    US made bikes with any paint you can dream up, and add some really cool owners = big win.

  • Robert Mead

    what pedals are those?