We Welcomed the Tour of California to Town with a Mountaintop Party

When Sean from Team Dream found out what the route was for this year’s Tour of California stop in LA, he began scheming about how we could welcome the race with a KOM party… The thing about partying on top of a mountain is it takes a bit of planning. Sure, you could pull a grill, a cooler and food up a 5,500′ climb in a Bob Trailer but you’d end up being too pooped to party at the end of it. This left Sean with a decent plan: he’d shuttle his VW van, dubbed “the Brick” up to the top of Upper Big T at HWY 2, filled with all the necessary goods to throw down one hell of a hangout on the course. We’d wait for the peloton, grill hot dogs, drink beer and when the race came through, erupt with unrivaled support for the racers. Sounds like a good time, right?

As I was herding people from Golden Saddle, Sean was shuttling his van up to the KOM, barely arriving back to South Pasadena in time to begin the group ride. We went up Highway 2, one of the most scenic road rides in California. All 40 of us. With bikepacking bags loaded with food, water and camera equipment, I took off with the group on my rigid 29’r and sneakers. Believe me, doing a “road ride” on a loaded down MTB isn’t all that fun, but I was stoked to see Adam doing the same… and yeah, it made for some playful jibs along the way.

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  • ABW

    Ugh, please tell me we’re gonna get the full story and more pics of the rasta ‘Nago. Pretty please.

  • It’s too bad I’ll spend the rest of my life being less cool than the dude in the blue shoes, and Nils’ beard.

  • This is awesome. Thanks for awesomeness!

  • caliente

    Can we please talk about this?

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    colors are poppin in this set, looks great! …and like a fun time. I’m getting super antsy here in America’s wang…

  • Goddamn… that Colnago is just too good

  • teuteul

    please somebody can tell me what are thoes tires on the fluo colnago ? thx :^)

    • ap


      • teuteul

        THX ! :)

  • Drew Mabry

    such a rad day!

  • Was the neck tie really necessary?

  • kermitonwheels

    Did anyone else clock the kaleidoscope shoes on the Tinkoff rider?