TGIF Ride with Golden Saddle Cyclery in the Verdugo Mountains Mar 25, 2016


Since Golden Saddle Cyclery doesn’t open until noon on Fridays, when I’m in town, I like to get in a good ride with a few of the guys. This morning Mike, Kyle and I took to the local dirt roads and singletrack found in the Verdugo Mountains, just 8 miles from the shop. These climbs will put fire in your legs, without a doubt, but once up at the top, you’ve got nothing but ripping singletrack and dirt roads taking you down. If you’d like to add in a bonus trail, La Tuna Canyon trail is a rutted, steep good time with plenty of scenic vistas – particularly of the gridlock traffic as people commute in their cars to work…. #LASucksForCycling, right?

Check out some more photos below!









  • jtbadge

    Kyle’s Mudfoot Stinner really holds up. One of the all-time great rides posted to this site.

    • Agreed

      • JScriv

        I think Kyle really holds up. Timeless if you will. Little bit of Midas touch going on.

  • disqus_EUFoeB6cWM

    where do usually enter at the verdugos? off beaudry?

    • I take Sunshine up to Mt. Thom.

      • Jake Riehle

        The best.


    Do Moto’s ride these trails also? The pic of Kyle sending it looks like their is a lip going the opposite direction.

    • No, I’d say that’s a MTB jump. We’re going up to jump it that direction shortly.

  • Dane_Watt

    First time commenter and this is off topic, but I ordered a Kona Rove ST today as a first “real” bike. Thoughts?

    • Great bike!

      • Dane_Watt

        Sweet. The site is awesome by the way, great stuff.

        • Super versatile bike and a solid spec right out of the box. Wonder if it’s got room for Rock n Roads…

  • Jake Riehle

    Those new bottles John?

  • Nicholas Hausman

    What’s the saddle bag? Looks like it can get bigger/smaller as needed…?

    • Yanco and Tracko Ramblin’ Roll

      • Chris Valente

        This answer needs to be programmed to auto respond on any post this question gets asked. :D

  • This is getting me so stoked to shred my upcoming CX/Allroad build!!

  • Alex Wichman

    I’ve hiked up La Tuna, and though I always see MTBs coming down the opposite way, I never seem to have the guts to do it myself- some of those sections are *nasty* steep.

  • Norsham Husaini

    #LASucksForCycilng … Singapore is worse!