Riding the Rally Aysén Patagonia with Santa Cruz Bicycles: Day 03 and 04

Usually by the second day on a trip like the Rally Aysén Patagonia, your legs begin to feel all the climbing and hiking. For me, my back pain from carrying camera gear almost always adds to the pain. Not even the previous two day’s beauty, or the loud and obnoxious birds, nor the mooing cows could persuade me into leaving my tent. Needless to say, my usual rise-and-shining at 5:30am was pushed back a few hours on the morning of day 03.

Seb cornering.

Part of my reluctance also stemmed from knowing that a 300 meter hike-a-bike out awaited us. Something not even the delicious breakfast, or coffee would quell. But there’s something that always comes after you climb: descents and this one was a ripper.

We spent the next few hours on meandering trails, through scenic pastures and valleys and up across saddles. It wasn’t until we arrived at camp that night and I began to dump my photos that I realized just how beautiful our day had been.


In reality however, it was nothing compared to what awaited us on the final day… continuing reading in the Gallery!

We had four amazing days, thanks to Santa Cruz Bicycles and Matias Del Solar Goldsmith of Montenbaik.com for such a superb time!

  • boomforeal

    i’m thinking i might have to eat my words…

  • Tony Clifton

    On the lead picture of the dude dunking his head in the water, what’s that plastic thing on his wrist?

    • timing chip

      • Tony Clifton

        Ohhh, I thought it was some kind of epipen for Chilean killer bees or something.

  • Gus

    I thought thumbing beers was universal.

    Awesome photos and a great story.

    • About 75% of the people on this trip were American and none of us had seen that before.

      • Gus
      • Brad Beadles

        looks like a good way to slice your thumb open and shotgun a bloody beer

        • No one cut their thumb, believe it or not!

        • I’ve seen cuts – and been cut – but never serious enough to dampen the party. You gotta be the hammer, not the nail.

  • Chris Andrews

    f’n biddy biddys on your socks eh?

  • Dat moon

  • …and there’s the beer…it all makes sense now…life makes sense now…at least the ones from the people in these pictures. Great stuff!

  • ap

    Muy celoso.
    what shoes are those in the creek ? (photo 113)

  • Great shots, John. You captured a lot of key moments and did the scenery and ride vibes justice.

  • sasquatch_steve

    So true about the pickups. I drove a VW pickup with camper around Torres Del Paine almost a year ago. What I would give to buy one of those stateside.

  • Eric McKeegan

    Thanks for capturing my dirt ‘stache. Great pics as always.

    Best part about those little trucks? Rentals. I’d be way into renting one of these for adventures, keeping my little car for use in the city.

  • Jonatha Jünge

    Great pics John! It was an amazing time and my first event with Montenbaik. More news coming about the rally In a few weeks… Cheers from Chile Radavists.