2016 NAHBS: Sklar Disc All Road

Adam Sklar brought some heat with him from Montana. Having just turned 16, he’s the youngest builder at the show (just kidding, he’s 22) but that didn’t stop him from turning out some beautiful machines. As I sat in his booth looking at the mountain and fatbikes on display, I couldn’t help but pick out the curved, swoopy-tubed ‘cross or “all road” bike in the corner. Complete with Sycip-inspired quarter fork blade toppers and some slick Reynolds wheels, this puppy is ready to take on some Montana fire road action!

  • Lars

    Digging those new WTF branded tires.

  • Tom

    Has a major I-want-to-ride-it-now factor.

  • kasual

    “Having just turned 16, he’s the youngest builder at the show (just kidding, he’s 22)”


    Also, this is some seriously slick work. Seeing young frame builders doing right is a great feeling.

  • Ryan

    He continues to impress, right down to the sliding drop choice.

  • Logan N. Everly

    WTF! Haha. Love the tire badges.

    • marty larson

      Right? That right there just does it for me. Awesome.

  • Froste

    I really like the fork dropout design allowing him to keep a straight line but with the appropriate rake.

  • Trevor H

    Adam’s work has been on point for a while. Glad he brought his A-Game to the show.

  • AdamBike99

    You had me at Blue… The logos pulling together with the blue King headset. Delicious!
    I love his approach to each section/function of the complete bike. Form follows function and I won’t confuse his fork with any others.
    Wondering if he chose quarters dated 1994 ’cause that’s his birth-year?

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Think I made the wrong life choices…

  • Matt O’Donnell

    This was definitely one of my top bikes of the show. Adam was super nice too. At first I assumed he was the builder’s kid hanging out, but then realized, nope. Talented guy.

    • Adam Sklar


  • Armand

    Adam got my top pick for a custom framebuilder most easily in reach of the average joe. His mountain bikes not only had a superbly functional appeal to them w/ spot on geo’s but were downright gorgeous with simple, clean lines. With any style frame starting under $2K, his frames I think are the only ones I would be able to afford from the whole show. Go Adam! Super nice guy too.

  • Jason

    Anyone know which zipp bars those are?

  • Harry

    So good!

  • Julius

    The headbadge is nothing short of awesome.

  • White Mike

    This bike is awesome.

  • Adam Sklar

    Thanks for the photos John! Killer as always. And thanks for not ratting me out at the bars…