Bishop Bikes: Nicole’s Columbus Gilco Track Jan 11, 2016





Photos by Keith Trotta

Nicole and her husband Scott own Veloville USA, a bike shop in Purcellville, VA. Chris Bishop has gone on many rides with them over the past few years and eventually became very good friends with them. Eventually, Nicole expressed an interest in having Chris make her a track bike to race at the local velodrome with.

Because it’s a Bishop track bike, expect some beautiful lugwork and a NOS Columbus Gilco tubeset with 3Rensho Modeulo lugs, MKS track ends and a stiff Columbus Max fork. When it was finished being built, Nicole asked Bryan Myers from Fresh Frame to paint it like a butterfly wing. I’d say he nailed it!

See more at the Bishop Bikes Flickr!

  • This thing is insane. I saw it in person at the Philly Bike Expo and it knocked my socks right off.

    • julian berlin

      is it a singel custom or can i buy it?!

  • Steve

    Every time I think my love for track bikes is dead, something like this happens and I’m reminded IT WILL NEVER DIE

  • Jesse

    Is the T-Town their “local” velodrome (182 miles away)? Is there one closer than that that I don’t know about?

    • Nicole

      Yes, T-Town is the closest track we’ve got in these parts but I’d drive to the ends of the earth to ride this bike in circles.

  • Chris Bishop: Top of the game. No one else plans the frame materials so beautifully, even before touching a file or the torch.

  • Noel Smith


  • adam_perin

    Wow! That might be the best bike I have ever seen. That’s amazing!

  • Nicole

    Yes, T-Town is the most “local” track we’ve got in these parts but I’d drive to the ends of the earth to ride this bike in circles.

  • D.J. Bolles

    Thanks for sending me down the wormhole that is Bishop’s Flickr account. His details are just out of hand. Easily my fav.

  • Kevin Capo

    No way in hell this doesn’t make the top 10 beautiful bikes of 2016! Amazing.

  • R Lee

    I would only ride this Thing of Beauty on Hot Sunny days only! And, Not have anyone touch it!