Speedvagen Family Racing with Laura Winberry Dec 9, 2015

Speedvagen’s Family Racing has some heavy hitters on its roster, including the forever smiling Laura Winberry. Check out this video profiling her as she takes on racing in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Kyle Campbell

    “Fuck yeah humans, nice job.” This is RAD.

  • I have a new crush! She’s a little bit hippy and a little bit punk!

  • YES, the intersection of bikes(cross) and poetry were transformative for me in my pursuit of higher education. Keep reading, keep writing, ride fast, stay true Laura!

  • This made me cry…no seriously this is just pure awesomeness. Actually its awesomeness in its purest form.

  • ABW

    Here are my thoughts on Sacha/Speedvagen/Vanilla (I know those are technically different entities, but I doubt many of us perceive them as such). He/they/it have been on top of the game for so long they’ve *almost* become a cliche or a punchline. When that happens, you can *almost* take them for granted. I mean, how long ago was it that he/they/it won best in show at NAHBS, let alone stopped displaying there to give others a chance? We tend to like underdogs, which excludes Sacha/Speedvagen/Vanilla. And then you see something like this, and it makes them human again. So human, and so into bikes and riding, and so much more similar to anybody else who rides a bike than different. And that is SO FUCKING RAD. If all the bike industry was more like Sacha and Laura, we would all be so much better off.