Nickalas Blades’ Photorealistic Oil Paintings of Bicycles May 5, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 11.58.24 PM

Yesterday this artist, Nickalas Blades, left a comment on a post, which then directed me to his body of work. Photorealistic oil paintings are something I can’t wrap my head around, as far as a process to end product is concerned, yet Nickalas Blades’ work makes it look easy. Or at least he blurs the lines between photos and paintings. Head on over to his site for more!

  • hans


  • Matt O’Donnell

    Apparently (according to his post) he’s also Greg LeMond’s nephew. Hell of a family.

    • James Bolton

      According to Greg LeMond’s facebook page he is! Beautiful coincidence.

  • Kyler Martz

    Wow, these are SO rad

  • Tony Clifton

    [Jaw drops]

  • Matt Long

    wow…I checked out his site yesterday and thought those painter were in facts photographs. That’s insane.

  • starground


  • Nickalas Blades

    Thanks for the comments everyone. And thanks again to The Radavist for this unexpected post! I really appreciate and am humbled by the gesture. Cheers!

  • Donald Kennelly

    Love the paintings. Rode with Greg once and still have my ’83 Colnago from then. Love your style.

    • Nickalas Blades

      Thanks Donald. I’m glad to hear you have met the man himself. He’s pretty darn special. Thanks for the kind words. Cheers

  • Eric Whiting


  • Rich Bell

    Wow Nick! So much talent you have! Aloha from Big Island.

    • Nickalas Blades

      Wow, my pops lives on the Big Island as well, in Kona! Howdy from the Eastern Sierra!

      • Rich Bell

        I worked on bikes with Nathan (your brother I assume?) while he was here. Small world!

        • Nickalas Blades

          Yup, that’s my bro. Very small world!

  • Hunter Garrison


  • Shilo

    So awesome!