Giro Cycling’s Grinduro Timed Gravel Race in Sierra Nevada

The cycling industry is a competitive place. With mountain bikers clamoring over Enduro, the road and dirt industry has its sights on gravel grinder races. As the name implies, the Grinduro is a mix of the two. A mix, but a whole lot more…

Giro’s Grinduro is an entire weekend event that unfolds in the town of Quincy, California. A place that can get quite warm in the summer, so luckily, the event takes place in October. Participants will be able to camp at the fabled Quincy Campground, be fed by Chris King’s Gourmet Century, enjoy beer from Sierra Nevada brewery and enjoy music from live bands.

The format of the race includes timed climb segments, timed descent segments and a ripping 12-mile long singletrack ender. The intent is to chat leisurely in between segments, get to know your fellow racers, enjoy delicious food along the way and then give your all during the timed sections. Once you’re done, finish up the night at the campsites with a massive shindig.

The following Gallery was taken on the Giro Grinduro course, a 65 mile long mixed terrain route with approximately 9,000′ of elevation. These roads are some of the most beautiful in the area and as you will see, will not disappoint… Will you Grinduro?

Registration is open now, so head to the Grinduro site for more information.

  • Dobry

    That looks super fun. Great place to ride.
    Also … logs.

  • Crmsnghst

    Dain Zaffke…So hot right now…

  • Kent Sullivan

    Is that a Juliana version of the stigmata?? My girlfriend needs a new bike soon, that would be exciting news

    • geoff.tewierik

      You can just make out Juliana on the downtube of Kate’s bike in #28

      • Kent Sullivan

        Yes, exactly, but (as of right now anyway) Juliana doesnt make a cross-bike. Potentially to be unveiled at Sea Otter this weekend?

        • John Watson

          Juliana won’t have a cross bike, that’s just a Stigmata that Katie painted and added decals (she’s the brand manager for Juliana).

  • geoff.tewierik

    Great coverage. This looks like a bunch of fun. Ian hooking into that berm in #91, just feathering the brakes and leaning right in. Sweet!

    #81, Thomasville or Taylorsville?

    Educate the Aussie time. Pic #51, is the lower part of the trunk brown, i.e. green (Lichen/moss) free due to snow reaching that level? Or is it something else?

    • John Watson

      Yeah I must have scheduled an older draft by accident. The captions are wrong in a few places.

      Yes, snow line at the trunks…

      • geoff.tewierik

        Thanks for the snow line clarification John.

  • Jonathan McCurdy

    So um yeah. I know what I’m doing come October. No ambitions in winning, I just want to ride it!

  • interpedalers

    Stunning gallery. Looks like an amazing ride.

  • Chris Valente

    Could have used a few more snow puns but otherwise sweet gallery!

    • John Watson


  • mywynne

    Thumbs up. Double thumbs up for barn quilts!

  • Adam Sklar

    Woah, might just have to do this.

  • Mark Sevenoff

    I’ve got a MUCH better photo of Dain in a tent (passed of on BIKE Week) but the above one is way more #grinduro !

  • duemat

    This really makes me want a Rock Lobster.

  • TannerJames

    Do you ever get tired of shooting photos and want to just ride? We appreciate the photos for sure, but just curious. Thank for all your work….if you call it that.

    • John Watson

      Oh, it’s definitely work. That’s why when I’m at home, I rarely carry a camera and I just ride.

  • Da Krum

    This awesome! Anyone have GPS tracks for those of us who can’t make the Oct. 10 date?

    • John Watson

      The map is on

  • Sean Walling

    John, looks like the link to Giro’s site isn’t working. This is going to be rad! Those photos are killer.

    • John Watson

      Fixed! Sorry!

  • Nic

    Registered! Now just gotta add a few upgrades to my shitty cross bike.

  • Jake Kruse

    This is no grin fundo

  • Amy Oberbroeckling

    Where can I buy these shorts?!

    • John Watson

      What shorts?

      • Amy Oberbroeckling

        The sorts that the woman on the Rock Lobster is wearing.

        • John Watson

          They’re Giro.

          • Amy Oberbroeckling

            Gotcha. I didn’t see them on the Giro site…

          • John Watson

            Ah (sorry didn’t check availability before answering) they’re probably a summer offering.

          • Amy Oberbroeckling

            Cool. I’ll keep an eye out for them!

  • Leo Cavallini

    John, I guess the pic #18 is corrupted, have a look ;)

    • John Watson

      It’s fine. Restart your browser…

      • Leo Cavallini

        Indeed… shift + reload could fix it, the damaged version was in my cache. Thanks!

  • Bpercy

    $200 registration! No thanks.

    • John Watson

      $200 is food, beer, entertainment and camping for an entire weekend. I spend more than that staying home in Austin for a weekend.