Salsa Cycles: Warbird Carbon Gravel Racer with Rival 22 Feb 23, 2015




At Frostbike this weekend, Salsa unveiled their Warbird Carbon, a gravel racing frame, designed for long days in the saddle on rough, washboarded roads. The Warbird Carbon utilizes Class 5 VRS™, or a vibration reduction system and shaped stays that increase compliance. If you still would like a smoother ride, the Warbird Carbon has space for a 44mm tire.

Check out more at Salsa.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    I can’t wait to demo this bike! I’m actually more curious about the 6069 frames and how the stays feel… as well as finding out more about long term durability of that sexy rear end.

  • mrbiggs

    It’s *so weird* to me that this bike is built by Salsa, made for long rides off- and on-road, can hold three water bottles even, but can’t take racks. Nor does the aluminum version. I mean, what?

    • John Watson

      Personally, I can see rigid racks becoming obsolete for bikes like these. They’re “racing” bikes for “gravel” – if you need to bring something like clothing, use a bikepacking bag to stuff it in. Even for multiple day “races” where you’re unsupported, you can use bikepacking bags.

      But the main point being, this is a racer, not a touring rig. Salsa already makes tons of dirt touring rigs.

      • mrbiggs

        Hm, maybe. When I see pictures of Kanza and Trans-Iowa, there seem to be a lot of bikes with racks. Mainly the frontal kind. You know better than me, though. By “backpacking bags” are you talking about triangular frame bags and those nice saddle bags like from Porcelain Rocket?

        • John Watson

          To me, Bikepacking bags attach without rack mounts. Frame bags, bar bags, saddle bags.

  • Schmeebs

    This looks a lot like the Giant TCX, those stays especially.

    • Schmeebs

      The geo for my size is even pretty damn close!

  • sgtrobo

    it says the Warbird can fit 44mm tires. Is that a somewhat ‘conservative’ estimate? i.e. can the Bruce Gordon Rock’n’Road’s fit?