Manual for Speed: RFTD Space Panda Jersey Oct 28, 2014


I want to call them crazy, but we already know that. Manual for Speed transcends crazy, like space pandas shooting lasers from their eyes… Kinda like these jerseys, for pre-order now, through November 2nd for a late December, early January delivery.

See more at Manual for Speed.

  • Bradley Tompkins

    Ordered…..perfect for cross season.

  • Ham Sandwich

    fuck the sf giants. fuck them in their mouths.

    • odenator

      I’ll come back to laugh at you later after we’ve wrapped up this World Series.

      • Ham Sandwich

        even if you win, never forget that the royals gave you a run for your money. the royals. how embarrassing.

        • odenator


          • Ham Sandwich

            sports indeed. i need a baseball break.

          • John Watson

            what are you guys talking about!??!/1?!

          • Jamie McKeon


          • Ham Sandwich

            sports sports sports sports.

            bart gets to sit in the front seat because hes good at sports.

      • Ham Sandwich

        brah. this shit is bonkers.

        • odenator

          Oh man, don’t even wanna talk about it.