Paul Component: Klamper Road and Cross Disc Brakes Coming Soon Sep 5, 2014


“If disc brakes were meant for road and cross bikes, Paul would have made them…”

Truth is truth and I’ve seen the light. Literally. I have a set of these and unfortunately, I didn’t have time to put any miles on them yet but I can assure you, they look and feel amazing. Like all of Paul’s brakes, they’re machined and finished to the highest of standards.

You should know however, that Paul is marketing these for road and cross bikes only at the time being…

Expect a review once I get back to Austin and if you’re going to Interbike, roll through their booth 15030.

  • Joe

    Man, the color looks like it’ll match my Macho Man.

  • Trevor H

    I’ll be interested to hear your feedback.

  • Tim Guarente

    Looks like those adjusters will match their skewers nicely!

  • awesometown

    can’t perform any worse than avids!

  • simonnix

    Hahahaha I remember that tweet.

    These look really nice, especially the tool-free pad adjustment. Would pick them over BB7s just because Paul, but would have to test them vs Spyres. I wonder if Paul would allow colours other than orange for the adjusters if you ordered a custom colour…

    • TRP Spyres and Avid BB7 are both perfectly powerful, the former is better for even pads wear and only need to adjust barrier adjuster to bring both pads closer to the rotor.

      BB7 required making sure the non-moving pads is as closed as possible to the rotor, but that’s the only major drawback, however because of the single moving part, it’s lighter to touch than the Spyres as the dual piston make it felt heavier to modulate.

      The biggest and most underrated component of the brakes is the cable housing, compressionless is highly recommended to rid the spongy feel that make the BB7/Spyres feel like a shit stop-gap to hydraulic.

      The Paul look like it’s similar to the BB7 with the exception of the adjuster that can be tuned by hand instead of a torx screw, nice and simple, the Paul way.

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    game changer! …high polish?

    • Tom

      Would love high polish, a version like that would look perfect paired with a group like Athena.

  • TaylorSizemore

    these are insane!!! definitely going to go check these out!

  • Keith Adams

    I will have to hold off replacing the calipers on my Salsa now until these are available to see…. yummy.

  • GioFio

    Any word on these brakes so far?

  • charlesojones

    Any updates on the availability and price of these brakes??

    • Soon! First run of 300 is being made right now!

      • charlesojones

        How would you compare the Klamper to BB7’s?
        I’ve had issues keeping my BB7’s adjusted properly. They seem to repeatedly need tampering to keep from rubbing.

  • Óðinn

    I want these.