Signal Cycles: Fillet Brazed Fendered Road Aug 19, 2014



Yikes! I love me a great seat tube cluster, especially when the paint is that sharp. See more of Al’s Signal road at the Signal Flickr. I’d love to shoot this one dirty!

  • Tom

    The stainless chainstay protector is a really nice detail.

  • Andy Moore

    Gorgeous paint on a beautiful steed. My only critique is not matching the paint to the King items (or spec-ing black King hubs/ SottoVoce headset). I doubt it bothers its owner very much, though!

    • kasual

      Have to disagree with you there, I think the similar but different colour of the king components is a nice touch. Provides contrast and looks great against the charcoal colour of the Ultegra.

      • Andy Moore

        I imagine its owner agrees with you. ;]

      • Tom

        I like the black Thomson goods. The cuffs match the collar. There are a few examples out there where all the components are painted to match and it looks a tad over the top. This shows a nice level of restraint IMO.

        • kasual

          Agree, I like the black Thomson stuff as well. In regards to this particular build, I find there’s a good amount of black with the group, cockpit, post, saddle and rims, but then again, to each their own – the beauty of a bespoke build.

    • John Watson

      I dunno, the colors look pretty spot-on, one’s just paint and the other is anodizing…

  • TheTallCyclist

    What kind of fenders are these? They fit the standard Ultegra calipers perfectly!