Geoff McFetridge is the Best! Jul 24, 2014

… and I’m stoked to be getting a bike designed by him this year. I first was introduced to Geoff’s work when I used to skateboard religiously, as I’m sure many of you did at one point. Who else had those McFetridge Vandals?

In the 90’s, when skateboarding and larger names like Nike began to look to artists to revitalize their brands, Geoff’s work inspired me. Even in my 30’s I still love seeing what he’s been up to.

Looking good dude and I love seeing race numbers hanging in studios like this.

  • charlesojones

    No Vandals – Vans.
    I skated in the earlier Dogtown era.

    • John Watson

      The Vandals came out when I in college, so my gradeschool years were spent in Vans or Airwalk. I was born in ’81 though, you’ve got a few years on me… ;-)

    • Steve Smith

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  • Western Rapid

    What sort of Stinner are you getting? A new Mudfoot CX?