ESPN 30 for 30: Slaying the Badger – Lemond and Hinault Jul 18, 2014


On July 22nd, at 8pm E.T., ESPN’s 30 for 30 takes a look at the 1986 Tour and the epic battle between Lemond and Hinault. I can’t wait for this one! See more information at ESPN.


    I cannot either! I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. Greg Lemond is our country’s greatest cyclist. Being in the bike industry for almost thirty years, believe me, I caught major hell for years saying this because I flew the LeMond flag while Lance was “winning” all these races! First off, he should have won the ’85 Tour, only to be ordered not to. He was clearly the best in that race. Then he gets shot in a hunting accident in his prime! No telling how many Tours he would have won if it weren’t for some bureaucratic Team B.S. in ’85 and of course, getting shot accidentally by his broth-in-law. I think he would have won 5 Tours if not 6, if things didn’t go the way they did. Looking forward to this one! Yay ESPN and Viva LeMond!!!

    • LukeSmithson

      All true. But it’s Bernard who steals the show in this one.

      • Sean Talkington

        Lemond won 86

        • LukeSmithson

          I’m not denying that, of course. All I’m saying is films have characters, even documentaries, and it’s Hinault who has all the best lines.

          Either way, this film is a treat.

  • Sean Talkington

    So excited for this!