Nick’s Moyer Track

Back in the early 2000’s, here in Austin, a guy named Whitney Moyer headed to a mecca of hopeful framebuilders in the US, UBI. Upon returning with all the experience needed to build frames, he was looking to commission a local project. This was that frame. Moyer’s first…

Whitney reached out to Nick, a bike messenger in town at the time, to build a straight forward, classic track frame from True Temper OX platinum. Nick had a group for the frame. Made of mismatched components that he fell in love with over the years.

Nitto NJS steel cockpit, Suntour seatpost, Turbo saddle, Dura Ace cranks, Chris King Sotto Voce headset, Dura Ace hubs to Mavic Open Pro Ceramic and of course, Campy Super Record pedals with double straps.

This bike, although made in 2004, looks straight out of the 80’s. In the ten years Nick has owned his Moyer, it’s been raced on the track as well as the street, worked on for years and still to this day, Nick finds the time to pull it down from the wall and take it for a spin. It’s war torn, tattered but is still straight as an arrow.

If there were a track bike to represent Austin, this would be it.

  • The world needs more bikes like this!

    • The world has bikes like this, they just need their owners riding them (and not trying to sell them – NICK!). Such a sick machine…

      • Victor_Tvrdy

        this site needs more bikes like this!

        • When I see them, I shoot them.

          • Victor_Tvrdy

            just wanted to say the the fixie fraction is still alive :)

  • Chris van der Kaap

    I could love everything ’bout this bike except the tatty bartape :D

  • …oh lord.

  • Erik Binggeser

    Ugh. Those are the same rims that got ruined when a truck hit my Glenn Erickson…so hard to find!

    • Yeah, but the TB14s are better, honestly.

  • Eric Hancock

    This is everything I love about bikes. And that bar tape makes mine look good.

  • Why no link to Moyer’s site?

  • Márton Sógor

    This very well loved bike reminds me of mine. Besides the fact that mine is a piece of shit and this is cool as fuck.

  • Bilsko

    I remember seeing a beautiful Moyer build from back in the day with criss-crossed seatstays… I do wonder where that bike is today. Somebody better be enjoying it!

  • AdamEldridge

    He made some fine fine frames.