Oh God! Why Can’t My Boyfriend Skid!? Prints Mar 6, 2014


When the Foot Down first made this graphic, every skater turned track bike rider couldn’t help but crack a huge grin. Fast forward from 2010 to modern times and a lot has changed. Do you still own a track bike? Can you skid? Does your girlfriend even care anymore? Whatever your answer is, swoop up one of these prints, because nostalgia dies hard. Like the Aerospoke fad…

Pick up a print at The Foot Down!

  • Sean David

    Can anybody tell me what handlebars those are?

    • Blake Cunningham-Barrelholder

      Is that a Brooks saddle? How do you like it?

      • primotapia

        i have question about sram omnium

        • http://theradavist.com/ John Watson

          SRAM makes baller shit.

      • http://theradavist.com/ John Watson

        I bent the rails doing a bigspin.

    • http://theradavist.com/ John Watson

      Cinelli Criteriums 44cm

  • http://www.marotte.ws/ Vince

    Still have the original shirt…it’s like my tenth one. Skate or die! Thrasher for life!

  • jeff

    Classic Roy

  • Jamie McKeon

    loved the copy on this one dude!