FYXO: The Power of Art Mar 18, 2014


Photos by Andy White

This photoshoot took place on one of the nicer days during my last trip to Melbourne and I’m not sure who was more stoked on the sun, Andy or Adrienne. Everything about these two photos rules, from the pristine Somec Promax with Campy 11, to one of the most friendly women I’ve met through a mutual love of bikes and the lens of Andy White… You just can’t go wrong.

In fact, seeing Andy’s use of Athena 11 made me finally pull the trigger on a modern upgrade for Lauren’s Casati.

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  • Matt Rumora

    Once my brother and were staring at a beautiful campy clad bike locked to a parking meter. We noticed a beautiful women walk by, but neither of us took our eyes off the bike… Campy is sexy. Excellent photo set – can’t wait to see the Casati!

  • http://www.simplicityofjoy.com/ Simplicityofjoy

    this is a god damn sexy…bike.

  • Quien

    Clara Hughes bikes 102 km over the rugged terrain of Canada
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