Acre Journal: John Watson – Decompression Feb 20, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 4.31.50 PM

I shoot so many photos, cover so many events and rides that oftentimes, I lose track of my journeys. When Mission Workshop / Acre offered to take me to Eurobike and then a mountain bike expedition in the Alps, how could I say no? It was such an amazing time and personally, the photos I took on that trip are some of my favorite.

Acre’s in the process of telling stories on their new Journal. One of which being my trip to the Alps, entitled Decompression. Head over to the Acre Journal to read more and check out some nicely laid out images.

  • Adam Leddin

    Have you used any of Acre’s packs, John? Rate ‘em?

    • John Watson

      Yeah, I used them all during this trip and every MTB ride I’ve been on in the past three months. I carry my 5D with it. The small is a lil big for a quick ride, but I personally like them as a commuter pack. As far as a hydro pack, the small Hauser pack is the best one I’ve used…

      • Adam Leddin

        Thanks heaps. Also, these shots are epic!