Merckx Mondays Jan 27, 2014


A reader forwarded me a scan of this photo, featuring Eddy Merckx at the Miroir du Cyclisme in April 1975 during the Paris-Nice Prologue, while in the commune of Fontenay-sous-Bois. In his hand, a Merckx-branded, DeRosa-built road bike.

I’d love to see a modern take on this photo!

  • Teddy Behr

    Um.. Merckx branded you mean?

    • John Watson

      Yep. Typo, although, partially correct. ;-)

  • quesofrito

    BROMARCHE = A market for bros?

    • John Watson

      I photoshopped that for YOU! Seriously…

      • quesofrito

        The BRO part does look a bit suspect

  • naisemaj

    Quick someone photoshop a walmart fixie into that! It will be internet gold!

  • Mr D