Bradley Wiggins Collection for Fred Perry Jan 27, 2014


Wiggo’s got quite the following all over the world, including Fred Perry. The Tour de France winner and 7 time Olympic medalist just announced his newest Collection. Head on over to Fred Perry to see more.

  • Philipp

    gets worse every time they release new stuff….

    • John Watson

      You think so? I thought this was the best collection I’ve seen from them to date. Which is why I don’t post about it that often…

  • Tyler Johnson

    Sucks when they don’t have the shirt he is wearing available to buy… Otherwise cool stuff.

    • John Watson
      • Kevin

        He’s right. I think its only available for UK buyers…. When you change the currency to US it is not offered….

        • ezweave


          • drew_456

            Thanks for this post I was able to snag a shirt and sweater from the previous collection at deep discount from the UK. Arrived by FedEx today and I love the Perry/Rapha combined look.

        • John Watson

          Damn Brits! ;-)

  • James

    Last time I wore a Fred Perry was seeing the Anti-Heros in Austin,TX! Woah, that was in 1999! Yeah, just to go along with the redux of Dr. Martens too….

    • John Watson

      Dr Martens has a new cycling shoe!

      • Ryan Combdon

        WHAT?! Really?

      • Ryan Combdon

        Add a “cycling cut” Alpha Bomber Jacket and high school me would have been completely comfortable and unrestricted on a bike.

  • shankshiv