Team Dream GSC and PiNP Caps in Stock! Dec 5, 2013




I’ve been working with Sean from Team Dream on a few products that we’ll be releasing over the next few months. From yet another run of socks, an ENDO vest, a jersey and yes, these caps.

Swoop up a TDBTGSCPiNP cap here!

I’m stoked on how they came out!

  • Glenn Weatherson


  • D.J. Bolles

    So nice! Thing is those one size fits all Pace caps do not fit my big ass head!


    are these the same size and fit as the GSC hats?

    • John Watson


  • zo0id

    Any knowings if there will be more Endo black compression bibs soon?

  • odenator


  • Tucker

    wow! not even sold out yet. that never happens

    • John Watson

      We ordered hella caps.

      • Tucker

        Missed out on the matching socks though. You still “reStocking?”

        • John Watson


  • trackosaurusrex

    Why isn’t Megan rocking the cap! Killing me!

    • John Watson

      Because she wasn’t there and Dan’s a good looking dude! Also, I knew it’d bum you out! haha

  • Frank

    Hi John. What type of handlebar tape is that? Looks great. Thanks, Frank.

    • John Watson

      Salsa Cowbell 2

  • Matt Long

    GSC caps are such quality ! Love mine.